Lightwood Forest notes

4 Archers guard the exit.
2 Guards for the inner entrance.
Many high level elves around. Another 2 guards by the palace entrance.
Another 4 Before the door
Another 4 inside.
Silvaworm is no longer welcome in Lightwood.
Silvaworm started a resistance group in Tanwood, not yet fully known about by lightwood.

Casts summon monster IX and monsters are defeated easily. Bone Devil pg.53
Madvin Tritoch transforms into the great statue Toltus. Its stone still except its arms.

Toltus Colossal

HP 600 (Evil Construct)
HP (Right arm) 400
HP (Left arm) 400
AC: 1
Init: -5
Speed: 0
Str 40, Dex 1, Con 45, Int 26, Wis 22, Cha 8
Base attack 15/grapple 46
Attack: Slap + 26 (2d6+15)
Full attack: 6 Slaps + 26 (2d6+15)
Fort 22, Ref 0, Will 10.
Improved grab: If attack hits, grapple as a free action
Constrict 2d6+15 for character grappled.
Breath Weapon 6d6 60 ft. cone of fire (Ref 23)
DR 10/Good and Lightning
Lightning weakness
Space/reach 40/150
Spot + 25

Lightwood Forest notes

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