Dragon Mountain

On the northern continent of Wilderness, the Dragon Mountain stands. No one knows for sure if Dragons actually live there, only folk tales and stories have been passed around. Not many people have ever heard of anyone that has traversed that mountain. Seemingly easy to climb with a fairly carved path, Dragon Mountain, for the brave would be an adventure worth having.

Recently the party found out that a piece of Jewel of Evil’s Bane was being held within the mountain most likely by the Necromancer that they found traces of back when they were on the wilderness continent the first time.

Dragon Mountain was entirely destroyed at the end of the second war, and the surrounding area was charred by the explosion of ash and lava. It took a great deal of time for life to fully flourish in this area again.

Activity here has calmed down quite a bit over the years. Murtagg has a tribe of Dragon Shamans in this area.

Dragon Mountain

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