Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 9x525 - Epiclogue

Confronting the good deities

After having the work on the ship done, the party prepares to plane shift. Shadow warns them to leave their pilot behind for this one, they do so. They arrive at the island and are happily greeted by some locals. One such fellow (later discovered to be Carl Glittergold) asked Wedge about his parentage. Wedge was very frustrated at the question and left. The party met two demigods, named Zaerun and Zairos. They were demigods over time and space. After a short discussion, the party was teleported to another time, another place. They were at the original Gabranth, except this time…it wasn’t destroyed by Vecna. They go to the throne room, discover Vecna has taken over the king. And after Vecna finishes his rant to himself and discovers the party, he decides to blast them. Arumbar/Shadow appears and does battle with Vecna. He pulled a very minor victory. Vecna teleported away. Shadow revealed who he was and gave them the next two gems. As the party returned to the island to get back on their ship, Wedge had another discussion with Carl. He asked why Carl asked his parentage. Carl explained that the island was a place that good quasi-deities and demigods lived, and in order to even come to the island, one must have some sort of relation to a deity. The party then teleported to the celestial plane. Upon arriving, they had a nice meal with some celestial beings, that upon introduction, revealed themselves to be some of the good deities. Wedge, concerned with his parentage (and to give the guys a moment to steal the jewel) asked all of the deities into the other room. As they were getting up to leave with Wedge, Shadow appeared in the dining room. When the party was alone with Shadow, they knew it was their time to strike, time to get the jewel. Shadow had other plans however. They used the ‘staff’ that Shadow made, which was upsetting to the deities. Shadow revealed that their entire adventure had been his creation and that he was hoping they’d become good. Wedge in the other room, got in a heated discussion with Jim after he found out that Jim was his father. Wedge discovered that his real name was James. James felt abandoned, rightfully so. He didn’t like the ‘laws’ of the deities and blamed Jim for abandoning him to a wretched woman. After that, they all rejoined each other in the dining room. The deities start going on their rants about how angry they were that their kids had failed them. Leoben (Heironeous) explained to Kaidor how he couldn’t help him, his son, that much. But was saddened that he had done evil. Kaidor explained that he had been under compulsion the entire time. Leoben agreed to give him another chance. Shadow explained Kringalie’s dark past, and Kringalie, with new found insight, asked his ‘father’ to kill him. With much pain, Shadow disintegrated him.
Zetus, the over-deity, revealed himself and gave loads of grief to the deities for what has happened, ultimately blaming the broken balance for this. Zetus was saddened that he failed what he had hoped to do, and lifted the mental veil from Blank’s mind. Blank, now remembering everything, remembered that his name was Zemus. Zemus also spoke back to the deities saying that their work was terrible, specifically to Shadow, accusing him of being even more evil than they in his manipulations.

In the end, Kringalie was disintegrated. Kaidor joined his father. Zemus gave James eternal youth (as long as he doesn’t fall in battle), and James left with Zemus to plan another strike against them.
James was henceforth cast away from the celestial plane forever.

And there stood the world, filled to the brim with goodness, endured two catastrophic wars, was nearly shattered, and is completely unaware of the plots of the deities.



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