Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 7x525 - Pimp my ship

Spending time and gold to get some upgrades

As they fly away, they realize that they need some sleep and supplies. So they head to Gabronx. Upon arriving, they all crash…in a bed. They start to plan their trip to the otherworldly island. They need a huge sum of gold, so they raise it in anyway that they can. Kringalie becomes a vastly impressive message boy, able to run nearly 100 mph. Blank and Wedge start setting up for a massive ‘charity event’ concert for nobles, and everyone, and mainly nobles to attend. Wedge talks to a lot of nobles, and convinces them overwhelmingly to ‘donate’. Blank talks to the king, and convinces him to come. So after 3 days of hustling and bustling, the concert day comes. There were some men sent after Blank who wanted to disrupt the concert. As it turns out, they were local thugs hired by devils, Wedge’s theory: Richardsons not happy. Otherwise, they made bank. They ran for Kaipo as fast as they could. They docked in a public dock, talked to a foreman who led them to who they needed to speak with. After a long discussion about how 136000 was far too much of a cost for the ship to have plane shift and invisibility, Blank suggested that they will brandish the mark of Kaipo onto their ship, so they when they travel to other lands, other planes, that everyone can see the kind of power that Kaipo has, and will bring business to them. The magic foreman reluctantly agrees, and accepts the offer.



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