Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 16 - Thinking with portals

For a moment, all hell breaks loose

After the party receives their new found gear and the workings of the plane. They then head to the place where Heironeous stated that there will be a hole from the infernal plane opening. When they arrive, they get to battle formation and the gate opens. Firstly, bearded devils come out, they were dispatched quickly though. Then as the next creature, a bone devil comes out. Dacian comes with through the portal. Just before that moment, Dacian got into the ranks of the devils as they lined up to go though the portal. As Dacian steps into the celestial plane, he starts to pee…on everything…and then he PEEEES ON EVERYTHING! As he is PEEING ON EVERREYTHING! He still fights the battle. Once the battle is over, the only thing that remains is yellow. During this time, Shadow spots Louise (Lilith) and tries to shoot her but she disappears. Lastly a pit fiend seeps though the portal. He is clearly very weakened from stepping into an area filled with light and happiness and goodness. The party tries to escape him, but he runs Dacian down. As they still try to escape, the pit fiend knows that his time has come, and escapes from the celestial plane before he burns away.



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