Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 11x500 - A distorted perspective

Traveling to the plane of distortion and finding a genie

Kif Jim and the other guilds had a common mission for the party, to go to the plane of distortion in suspicion of Tiamat gathering forces there. The party decides to head there. Upon arriving, they notice that the plane looks twisted and altered. The sky is red-purple, changing back and forth between those colors. It is a cool temperature with a pleasant atmosphere. They notice that the plane mirrors itself. For every elevation, there is a depression. For every spire, an inverted hole, same shape and size. They approach a castle nearby and are greeted by a genie. He wishes to play with them. To help them out, he invites them to look into his eyes, Murtagg and Joe fall into his power and their perspective of the world shifts. The world looks normal to them. The genie disappears and they progress into his castle.
They find a ball room shortly in, this room has a couple dancing creatures, including some fang golems and some chraal. After the song finished, they attacked the party. After what seemed like an eternity for the genie (24 seconds game time, 2 hours real time) He ended the fight, and made all the creatures explode. This dealt quite a bit of damage to the party, but they made it out alright thanks to many curing spells.
After that they were told of a maiden in the castle, it was a classmate of theirs named Jessica. They go to find her and do so easily with the genie’s unusual kindness in helping. She is a super beautiful girl, way prettier than anyone remembers. She clings to Murtagg right away wanting him badly. She asks for a kiss, but he pulls away and promises later. Tiberious uses his golden ice ability on her by touching her and she turns out to be evil, and then more specifically a succubus. Corrathin sound lances her to death (her, like, one weakness) and they move on. They find the genie in his room and he acts surprised to see them but vanishes quickly leaving a key behind. They grab the key and the loot from under his bed and find where the key goes.
Back in the main hall they find a key hole on the ground, go through the trap door and confront him for the last time. He explains how this world works, in that thought is powerful, for those that resisted his gaze, they realize that over time, the castle started to look normal. This was their mind acclimating to the area. The genie explains that Jessica never existed, but was something they filled the blanks in their minds with. Frustrated with the genie’s riddles and tricks the party attacks him. He splits into 3 to try to take them on, but finds two of him paralyzed. He fuses back together and tries to take our Murtagg, but does so unsuccessfully. They take him down fairly easily. They warp out of the place and find themselves safely in the Wizard’s tower again, hating genies.



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