Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 11 - Crossing those hills

Storming the hobgoblin's base

The party arrives at the Wilderness continent and flies towards the Hobgoblin’s base. They take down a stolen ship and proceed up the mountain. As they progress, Leoben feels the airship being attacked as through his pagasus. The party makes it about halfway up the mountain when they find troops waiting for them. They speak to the troops asking for their leader. 16 minutes later, a hobgoblin with black fur comes out. Leoben requests that he can fight the black fur hobgoblin solo. He obliges and steps forth. The battle progresses with Leoben disarming him frequently, and about 18-24 seconds in, scores such a critical that he rips the very soul of the creature out of him. The hobgoblins are stunned and don’t fight back. The party leaves having killed their military leader and goes back to fly home. However, they get off the mountain and find no airship at all. They only find dead and wounded hobgoblins. Dacian and Leoben interrogate them and find out that the ship is set for Underground Dwarven Empire, to be sold. The party is now effectively stranded on the wilderness continent.



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