Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 9x525 - Epiclogue
Confronting the good deities

After having the work on the ship done, the party prepares to plane shift. Shadow warns them to leave their pilot behind for this one, they do so. They arrive at the island and are happily greeted by some locals. One such fellow (later discovered to be Carl Glittergold) asked Wedge about his parentage. Wedge was very frustrated at the question and left. The party met two demigods, named Zaerun and Zairos. They were demigods over time and space. After a short discussion, the party was teleported to another time, another place. They were at the original Gabranth, except this time…it wasn’t destroyed by Vecna. They go to the throne room, discover Vecna has taken over the king. And after Vecna finishes his rant to himself and discovers the party, he decides to blast them. Arumbar/Shadow appears and does battle with Vecna. He pulled a very minor victory. Vecna teleported away. Shadow revealed who he was and gave them the next two gems. As the party returned to the island to get back on their ship, Wedge had another discussion with Carl. He asked why Carl asked his parentage. Carl explained that the island was a place that good quasi-deities and demigods lived, and in order to even come to the island, one must have some sort of relation to a deity. The party then teleported to the celestial plane. Upon arriving, they had a nice meal with some celestial beings, that upon introduction, revealed themselves to be some of the good deities. Wedge, concerned with his parentage (and to give the guys a moment to steal the jewel) asked all of the deities into the other room. As they were getting up to leave with Wedge, Shadow appeared in the dining room. When the party was alone with Shadow, they knew it was their time to strike, time to get the jewel. Shadow had other plans however. They used the ‘staff’ that Shadow made, which was upsetting to the deities. Shadow revealed that their entire adventure had been his creation and that he was hoping they’d become good. Wedge in the other room, got in a heated discussion with Jim after he found out that Jim was his father. Wedge discovered that his real name was James. James felt abandoned, rightfully so. He didn’t like the ‘laws’ of the deities and blamed Jim for abandoning him to a wretched woman. After that, they all rejoined each other in the dining room. The deities start going on their rants about how angry they were that their kids had failed them. Leoben (Heironeous) explained to Kaidor how he couldn’t help him, his son, that much. But was saddened that he had done evil. Kaidor explained that he had been under compulsion the entire time. Leoben agreed to give him another chance. Shadow explained Kringalie’s dark past, and Kringalie, with new found insight, asked his ‘father’ to kill him. With much pain, Shadow disintegrated him.
Zetus, the over-deity, revealed himself and gave loads of grief to the deities for what has happened, ultimately blaming the broken balance for this. Zetus was saddened that he failed what he had hoped to do, and lifted the mental veil from Blank’s mind. Blank, now remembering everything, remembered that his name was Zemus. Zemus also spoke back to the deities saying that their work was terrible, specifically to Shadow, accusing him of being even more evil than they in his manipulations.

In the end, Kringalie was disintegrated. Kaidor joined his father. Zemus gave James eternal youth (as long as he doesn’t fall in battle), and James left with Zemus to plan another strike against them.
James was henceforth cast away from the celestial plane forever.

And there stood the world, filled to the brim with goodness, endured two catastrophic wars, was nearly shattered, and is completely unaware of the plots of the deities.

Session 8x525 - Beta Testing
We beta tested the Squad Battle system

Sean, Chris, and I beta tested my Squad Battle system.

Session 7x525 - Pimp my ship
Spending time and gold to get some upgrades

As they fly away, they realize that they need some sleep and supplies. So they head to Gabronx. Upon arriving, they all crash…in a bed. They start to plan their trip to the otherworldly island. They need a huge sum of gold, so they raise it in anyway that they can. Kringalie becomes a vastly impressive message boy, able to run nearly 100 mph. Blank and Wedge start setting up for a massive ‘charity event’ concert for nobles, and everyone, and mainly nobles to attend. Wedge talks to a lot of nobles, and convinces them overwhelmingly to ‘donate’. Blank talks to the king, and convinces him to come. So after 3 days of hustling and bustling, the concert day comes. There were some men sent after Blank who wanted to disrupt the concert. As it turns out, they were local thugs hired by devils, Wedge’s theory: Richardsons not happy. Otherwise, they made bank. They ran for Kaipo as fast as they could. They docked in a public dock, talked to a foreman who led them to who they needed to speak with. After a long discussion about how 136000 was far too much of a cost for the ship to have plane shift and invisibility, Blank suggested that they will brandish the mark of Kaipo onto their ship, so they when they travel to other lands, other planes, that everyone can see the kind of power that Kaipo has, and will bring business to them. The magic foreman reluctantly agrees, and accepts the offer.

Session 6x525 - Recovering the Austrat
Taking back the Athear Austrat

So the party puts the pieces back together, and starts waving the staff around to see if they can get any effect going. At this point nothing. They examine the staff closer and notice that there are three empty sockets on the side of the staff. In frustration, they call for Richardson. Arumbar appears from the shadows and tells them that Richardson can’t hear them anymore. Moving past the weirdness of that statement, the party starts to discuss their next move. They first ask Arumbar about the three socket thing. Arumbar shrugs and talks about how this is a really hidden item, that he didn’t know much of anything about it, so the socket thing was really new to him too. Yet he still produced for them the first gem for this item. He did some research and determined that the second gem is on an island in a pocket plane. The party considers going but decide to go after the Austrat first. They teleport to Joe’s ivory kingdom and talk to an elephant herder. The guy they talk to looks clearly dominated. They free him of domination and plan their assault on the kingdom. After gathering 40 farmers, they charge the palace, each group of 10 doing something else. As they charge up the stairs between the 3rd and 4th floor, they meet Flanagan, Joe’s hex blade cohort. At first, Kaidor and Cringalie did a fast ball special that did a massive amount of damage to the hex blade, but after that, Flanagan released curses on all of them and gave himself an aura of unluck to have a blur effect on himself. Blank messages Wedge asking for help. Wedge procures the airship, rises from the docks and blasts a hole in the palace. From that point, Wedge sees a tiger, which is a form of Kaidor that he just doesn’t know about yet. Takes control of it and tells it to attack the hex blade. Slowly but surely Flanagan was being worn down, and after enough energy was spent, Wedge casts power word disable and knocks Flanagan unconscious. Kaidor and Cringalie finish him off and literally claim his head. At that point Joe emerges and says “What in the ivory is going on?” As foolish of a statement as that was, they decided, especially in their weakened state, not to try their luck with a previous generation warrior of light. They all jump onto the ship and fly away.

Session 5x525 - The airship dock
Hunting for the final staff piece

The party left the monastery, grabs a wizard from the tower and heads towards Gabronx. The wizard escapes in a panic. Through bardic senses and cat senses, both parts of the party found their way to the king. Upon arriving, they asked him if he knew anything about the Staff of Divinity. The king started to sweat but said that he naturally knew something of the staff. So when they asked, he paused and told them that he’d get his counselor. When the party insisted that he tell them himself, he admitted that he knew nothing of it, but didn’t want to appear foolish. He then summoned his counselor, and his counselor also knew nothing. He then felt compelled to bring them to the airship dock, even though he knew that there was nothing there. He felt saddened about the idea, the party was confused but then realized through bardic knowledge that it probably had something to do with the king’s dead brother. They all go downstairs into the basement of the castle. There they find a dock for a single airship, empty. At the bottom of the dock, on the ground, is the staff. The party takes the staff and right then, they leave Gabronx. They go to a cave to put together the pieces.

Session 4x525 - Viewing the past
Seeing the deities of deities

The party fell asleep in the Monastery, and at that point, their minds become connected. They all dream together about the good deities. They find themselves in the bodies of the ones they used to be familiar with, or the players used to be familiar with, that is. They see the 4 original light warriors, with the jewel of evil’s bane facing at some incredibly overbearing creatures. These creatures are the deities of deities, the ones that are served only by deities. To the entire cosmos, mortals have never laid eyes on them, or have seen any interaction with them. The deities themselves rarely ever get to see or hear of them, but there they are. Alphus, Betrus, Zetus, Deltus, Epsilius, each having dominion over their alignment, being good, evil, neutral, law, and chaotic. They hash our what to do with the jewel, and Shadow, whom has taken Vecna’s powers. After a long debate, they decide to allow the course of events to flow naturally, and not change the course of the universe. So history progresses as it should, but the deities are warned that this jewel can lead the world into chaos.

Session 3x525 - Underneath the Monastery
Fighting the forest and deconstucting constructs

Arumbar teleports them to the Monastery and Kaidor revisits his brothers. They start seeking out the hidden passageway to get to the piece of the Staff. They realize quickly that they lack an Elf. So they start looking for some children, but they’re all off playing in the forest. They go to the forest, and see a clearing. After inspecting a kid’s prayer book, they turn around to see an Earth Elemental being controlled by a devil. The devil tells them that he will bring them to Asmodeous. With swiftness, they nearly finish off the Elemental, and the devil releases it, giving it it’s mind back. Upon realizing this, the party stops fighting it and convinces it to join them, it does so for their remainder of time in the forest. The children come out from the bushes and greet the party. Kaidor and the party wrangle them back to the Monastery. They find out about the secret area and start descending. As they go down the long staircase. They see some writing on the walls, and through magical means, translate it. They determine that it is written in Celestial, and it tells the stories of the two wars. It provides additional details that aren’t known by most people, like people becoming deities. It talks about all 4 that have come to power: Dacian, Seto, Leoben, Kif Jim.

When they reach the bottom of the steps, they find a bunch of random magic items, all giving a faint magical aura, determined to be conjuration. There were little messages along the way “Its not too late” and so forth. The last message was attached to the Orb itself with only the message “Be good.” The party steals the Orb anyway and the armor on the walls come to life. After a long encounter, they slay all of armor constructs. The last thing they hear at the end of the battle is the statement “…I’m so sorry.”. The party returns upstairs to heal their friends. A monk appears with a rather unique glove. It is a glove with unlimited charges of healing. The party is fully restored, and is ready to continue onward.

Session 2x525 - Astral planing
Warping around the planes

Richardson warps away when he sees an Archon. The Archon approaches them, knowing that they’ve signed the contract, and urged them to see the Queen of the Elves. They go to Lily, the queen. And she tries to tell them a heart warming story of why they should be good. Instead, the casters decide to dominate the rest of the party to be evil. The Archon becomes frustrated and leaves them. They depart from Lily and summon Richardson to take them to the Astral plane. When they arrive they meet the Judge. They realize that they have a better plan for getting to the celestial plane and decide to leave. Upon wanting to leave they meet a Gnome named Arumbar. He says he has a way to help them. Tells them of something called the Staff of Divinity. A piece being in the monastery and in King’s University.

Session 1x525 - Prologue
Making a deal with devils

The year is 1299, Gabranthian calender. The world knows peace again after the second war that happened about 25 years ago. Unfortunately, the world has taken a lot of damage. Due to the elements being manipulated, the material plane became ruptured by the damage. Dragon mountain and the surrounding area is destroyed. There are many earthquake fissures, the winds have died down significantly, but there are more storms due to the irregularity of the elements.
Unbeknownst to the common man, the deities are weakened, which means that they cannot use their powers as sparingly anymore. Clerics of the weakened deities recognize that they can’t always get as many spells as they would like, and the deities also don’t have the strength yet to restore the world to the state that it was in.
On the material plane, a new generation of heroes have occurred. Strangely though, they are a little more shady than usual. A rouge, a bard, and a lycanthrope band together as they are sought out by a devil. This devil had a very promising deal for the questionable heroes. Eternal youth and immortality, they can only die in battle. They felt they couldn’t turn the devil down, along with that, he gave the 3 a total of 100,000 gold. And started to prepare his plans.
The plan is to get to Celestia, find a way to obtain the Jewel of Evil’s Bane. Destroy it, and set free the evil deities.

Session 17x500 - Epiclogue
Sealing away a deity

After a little more castle exploring, the party heads towards the center of the castle, the keep. Once they arrive there, Tiamat speaks directly to them and advises them to not progress inward, or they could rest if they want. This was clearly a ploy for her to buy time, but she was right, the party was pretty worn. In a very Deus Ex Machina style, the skies open up and they see the deities fighting the real Tiamat, and Heironeous takes a moment to pass down a little bit of his power to restore the party to full. With renewed strength, they charged inside.

They found Kif Jim kneeling off in the corner, paralyzed. In the middle of the room, they find a beautiful woman standing before them. She sounded sweet, but clearly angry. They figured out right away that this was somehow Tiamat. She explained her ritual to them. Her plan was a sort of a switch and bait. This is her aspect, also the dragon in question that was pulling the wind plane (forgot to mention that last part right there…). And she was prepared to absorb the powers of the planes and gain powers beyond deities. She was going to die in Celestia, in a battle that would weaken the deities, transfer her power to her aspect, absorb the planes, and have ultimate powers. Kif Jim found her in time to stop the plane absorption. He pushed her out of the way, and took in some of the power himself, it nearly killed his mortal body, leaving him unable to move with power surging through him, destroying him from the inside.

Tiamat goes over to Kif Jim and says to the party “This is a man, who living through both wars, has caused us some troubles. Such a noble man, a powerful man, he has helped shape your world for good, helping nations come together, furthering the research of magic and knowledge and sharing it openly. And now… his life is over.” She slits his throat. This incites fury in the party, and they charge for her.

They surround the human Tiamat and pummel her with blows, she clearly was targeting Murtagg, angry at the worshiper of her immortal enemy. After the battle goes on for about 3 or 4 rounds and both her and the party become worn, she teleports to the center, and casts Power Word Kill at Murtagg. He reflects it back at her with his Dragon Shield. pieces of her flesh start falling off like ceramic plates. At that point, she starts to emit a powerful aura and with a burst of power pushes the party back against the walls. Her dragon form is revealed, not 5 heads but one, a huge creature.

They go back in swinging, unfortunately finding out that she drained some of the beneficial spells (buffs) that were cast upon them. They also quickly found out that she was a sonic dragon.
After some of the party nearly died, they were able to turn it around with some good heal and buffs. They closed in on the dragon and slayed her. At the moment where the dragon looked almost finished, another aura erupted from her, significantly more powerful than the last. It slammed them back into the walls again and the eruption of power was so devastating that it destroyed the keep. Standing before them in full glory is the full powered aspect of Tiamat, the 5 headed dragon, a colossal dragon.

Enduring many breath weapons, and nearly dying twice, the party was able to slay the dragon. Before the final blow was struck, the deities tore open the skies and yelled down to them to hold their strike until they finished off the real Tiamat. In a blaze of deidic might, they blast Tiamat into oblivion, and they yell down “Light Warriors, NOW!”. The warriors deliver their final strike on the aspect and destroy it for good.

At that point, the castle starts to fall with no power holding it up anymore. They start falling to the earth below. Some of them have powers to make them fall slowly, but Caraathin falls at full speed. A light from the skies goes into Kif Jim and suddenly he is awake, looking far more powerful than before. Kif Jim goes down and grabs Caraathin, and flies back to the party and teleports them to the ground. There they watch the ruins fall, back to the place they belong.

After that, they go back to the Wizard’s tower to speak to the world about what has happened. The evil essence of Tiamat was sealed, and the power of Tiamat was given to Kif Jim. Unfortunately, the deities are weakened, so they cannot repair the damage caused to the world yet. The party speaks to the world, reassuring them that peace finally reigns. Even the chromatic dragons became chromatic gem dragons, adopting one neutral aspect into their alignment. And then they all start to head their separate ways.

First, Caraathin killed himself by casting slay living on himself.

Second, they dropped off Murtagg at Farthen-dur so he could spend his days rebuilding and repopulating, as is his desires.

Then, they dropped off Tiberius at the base of Rockface, so that he could return to Sigil, and they left Joe with the ship.

Joe also dropped off Cress at Rockface as well, much to his protests and desires to return to King’s University. When Frengard asked why Cress couldn’t come with, Joe simply looked at him and smiled and said “That’s business.”.

Final acts:
Murtagg – Repaired his home to its former glory within a few decades and produced many children, about 17 within a 25 year span. A small number of families from the Underground Dwarven Empire joined Murtagg’s recreation of his clan. And they introduced the idea of multi-deity worship, which hasn’t occurred much in the ages.

Caraathin – Committed an unholy act by killing himself, but saving the world balanced it out enough that even Pelor is quite unhappy about his premature death, he still earns his deity’s favor though.

Tiberius – Spends the rest of his days with the Lady of Pain, trying to convince her that good is the way to go. She warms up to him a little, but doesn’t ever fully convert. She does give him the gift of Vreongard fully restored though. He is never fully successful in his lifetime, but clearly made some sort of progress. Within 25 years, he managed to convince her to do some good, like restoring his town. He wanted Farthen-dur restored, but she refused.

Joe – After ridding himself of the rest of the party, he takes the airship and Frengard and starts an ivory empire north of Mass. Even though Joe becomes quite crazy, and his empire is strange in its nature, with his raw charisma he is fairly successful. He has hundreds of acres for elephants and many elephant farmers. The economy is terrible for his ivory town he is trying to build, and conditions are terrible, but somehow he manages an amount of success. After 25 years he has about a dozen or so buildings, most people live outside.


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