The story begins now as the most powerful kingdom in the world was destroyed in mere minutes, and just about no one knows why or how.

Currently the Elves have decided to become the ally of the party and support them in their fight to restore the balance of the world.

As of this moment, they party has assassinated Crueak Milltall and has fled the Gnome Lands.

Now the party finds themselves stranded without the very airship that this entire campaign is named after, stuck on the wilderness continent.

With the final destination in sight, the party has begun to gather the final pieces for the battle.

Completing their mission, they have forced the balance of the universe to tilt towards good. Became deities themselves and sealed the evil essence of Vecna away permanently.

Currently under construction for Athear Austrat 2: Electric Boogaloo. -Finished
Note ~ Not actually being called Electric Boogaloo.

500 years has passed, peace has reigned over with the good deities keeping a strong hold over the material plane. Some unexpected force however has done something to the world, and King’s University, the college of the heroes is under attack by the undead!

Athear Austrat: the 2nd flight.
The world is now under attack again, 4 monsters of great power are trying to send the elemental planes onto a collision course with the material plane. Currently, the party has defeated the earth corrupter.

With 3 of 4 evils defeated, they start towards the dragon, the final monster, only to find that Tiamat herself is in the very same castle.

Athear Austrat: the 2nd flight finished as the party stormed the castle, fought Tiamat’s aspect and sealed her away as well. The world was severely damaged but the world will survive.

Athear Austrat: the Final Flight (Was also called once “Athear Austrat 3, electric jubilee”) starts out as a few well established…heroes? are tempted with an offer by a devil to try to destroy the Jewel of Evil’s bane. The thing is though…they accept.

Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

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