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Place – All the places in existence that have been charted thus far.

Separated by Continent:

King’s Continent – The new colonized land, spreading the human’s reign.

Continent Gabranth – Fairly devastated, Vecna’s mark of destruction still holds there.

Primitive – Land of Orcs and other simple creatures.

Gnome – Don’t get short with them.

Earth – Land of humanoid creatures.

Elven – Relatively untouched by time. Holds the storage of history’s material.

Tranquil – Gained significant power after the war, holds the Monastery and the Tower.

Sessions and back stories:

World Log – Keeps track of the sessions in a simple format.

World Logx500 – The world log 500 years later.

World Logx525 – The world log about 525 years after first campaign.

Characters of Athear Austrat:

PCs – The player characters in the campaign.

NPCs – The living non-player characters in the campaign.


Key Items – Key possessions the party holds.

Ship armaments – Things on their ship.

Party Fund – Common items the party possesses.


Affiliations – Some of the many groups you can join.

Chocobo – A work in progress…

Quasi-Deities – The child of a deity and a mortal.

Behind the screen – Old DM notes/secrets that can be shared now.

Squad battles – Battle system I’m beta testing.

Dungeon Raiders – Episodic Campaign.

Main Page

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