Tag: Earth


  • Underground Dwarven Empire

    On the northeastern continent titled Earth on the western peninsula lies the Dwarven stronghold. Being a powerhouse of steel and other industrial aged objects, they are a great ally to have on your side.

  • Kaipo

    On the Earth continent, the Gnomes of Kaipo are highly technical. They are a little fearful because they have planted roots on the same continent as the Dwarves and are receiving unprovoked aggression from them. Otherwises, besides Gabranth, these …

  • Lindblum

    Formerly a strong empire before Gabranth rose to power. Within the 14 year span, they lost all influence that they once had. People fled from this kingdom to live at Gabranth or on the Gabranth continent. The current leaders that still reside in there …

  • Ingus

    Found as he flew the white flag of war surging towards the ship. He and his men were easily overtaken by the party of the Austrat. Right now, he stands tied up waiting for his punishment. Forced into piracy because of lost influence and some jobs. …