Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 5 - Gathering forces
All the Elf stuff done in a day

While flying to the Elven continent, Theodore asks Shadow how he deals without his parents being around. Shadow explains that its through his deity that it helps him through the day. Seto however overhears Theodore’s trials and offers to make him stronger and show him the ways of the dragon shaman (shay-men), Theodore agrees to it.
The first place the party lands upon reaching the Elven continent was Barkwood forest. They were being watched the whole time, but no one questioned the party being in the forest. Elderon greeted the party upon arriving to the forest village. Nothing impressive, a working village, gathers of food, makers of goods, many many warriors, and merchants as well. Quite a small forest for the number of Elves inhabiting it. After talking over the course of action, Elderon points the party to the direction of Tanwood forest and gives his name and emblem. The party travels over to Tanwood, and before they could even get to shore, they were targeted by archers of Tanwood. The party mentions Elderon’s name and the Tanwood Elves show the party to Silvawood, the primary diplomat and ambassador for the Elves. After some blunders by Dacian Gabranth, as far as being diplomatic, Leoben Battleheart steps in to try to talk. Meanwhile Seto “Rockcrusher” Thuliga is being a big blue giant this whole time. Laughing Shadow would be in attendance, however he stayed out at the bar late, came back and slept. Hasn’t woken up since, lily has been with him the whole time. Silvaworm is not convinced and believes that the man who calls himself Gabranth that stands before him is an immature child. He sends his elite warrior guard to test Dacian and put him in his place. After some critically placed strikes by the warrior, Dacian was bloodied immensely within 6 seconds. Leoben uses his healing skill to restore Dacian unnaturally well. And then Leoben turns around and states that by Dacian submitting, that he shows true discipline of a leader. Silvaworm is swayed by these words, and agrees to help the party.
The party, Silvaworm, and his 4 elite guards fly to Lightwood forest. Upon landing on the outskirts, Archers are prepared to fire. Silvaworm steps out first and tells them to stand down. They are guided, with the party being in the center of all this, to the heart of Lightwood forest.
Upon arriving, they witness some of the most beautiful, the most well dressed, the most impressive Elves they had ever seen. There were such a small amount of Elves, unlike Barkwood and their overflowing forest. Silvawood guides them outside the chamber. Gives them harsh warning for the party (Dacian) to watch their tongues. He then steps into the chamber and one by one, calls in each individual member of the party, and proclaims great things (some details exaggerated) in their name as they enter. The party then speaks to Tolrendo Fulleron, the leader of the Elves. After some civil discussion, Tolrendo reveals that Garland, was the only human to ever set foot in the chamber before they did, and Garland left a good impression. Tolrendo asks them what can be done. The party asks that Elves ally with them and support them in their quest to restore balance to the world. Tolrendo agrees and orders Silvawood to allow them to use Tanwood forest as a base of operations and to reward them for good deeds done for the world. Tolrendo also gives his name as a token of what other world leaders would recognize, to ask them to join the cause. As a parting note, Dacian asks about aquatic creatures and where some might be found. Tolrendo informs him that Crescent Lake might have what he is looking for.

Session 4 - Finding the answers
New actual PC party members!

They finish their training of the men of Renford, and in doing so, find ‘rockcrusher’, a Goliath. He is exiled from his tribe and with nowhere to go, joins the party. They travel back to the Monk Monastery. As they do so, various people start interacting. One noteworthy among them was Theodore coming into Dacian’s quarters. Theodore asks about a man named Cid, the head mechanic of kingdom Gabranth, whether he made it out of the destruction of the kingdom alive. Dacian told Theodore that there were no survivors. Theodore explained to Dacian that he was of the Cid family, and the head mechanic is Theodore’s father. Theodore walked out heartbroken and searched for Lily for comfort. They arrived to the Monastery, and found a man named Tellah. While meeting with Tellah, they found a noble paladin called Leoben Battleheart, who joins them later on. Tellah had the ability to read infernal and translated the contract for the party. In giving his advice and sending them on their way, rogue Gabranthian soldiers arrived at the Monastery and attacked. Leoben tried to diplomacy them, but they were too far gone. After a fight with them, and the party knocking all of the enemies unconscious, they part ways with Tellah in search for more crew members for their ship. They set sail for the Elven continent.

Session 3 - Deities and Dragons
Alt. Title "Crashing the party". New party members!

Upon arriving to Fynn, the party immediately gets directed to a house that looks run down. As it turns out, its a rudimentary home for Refugees. The party enter the house to find Joseph, Roy, and Theodore sitting there to themselves. Joseph’s group is saddened to hear about the destruction of kingdom Gabranth and had hoped that it was a search party to save them. They were still happy to find the prince though. The party invites Joseph and his ranks to join, and they obliged. Heading to Renford to see what the king wanted them there for, they encounter a Giant Eagle, and from the help of the crew, the party was able to kill it. They took rest, and wolves climbed aboard and attacked the crew. Kif Jim and Laughing Shadow were quite efficient in killing them. They searched for any wolves that could have been on the ship still, and instead found the contract that had given them so much heartache. Shadow and Dacian discussed what it was behind closed doors and decided after this mission to try to get the contract translated.
Right before they found Renford, they encountered a young adult red dragon…a great misfortune. Kristoff found his skills as a pilot that day and flew very well to avoid it. Upon arriving at Renford, Shedrin tried to land the Austrat but made some crucial mistakes. The ship crashed against the ground, and with the crew at battle stations, the crash was so hard that it threw Lily Amastacia overboard. The very moment that Shadow saw that happen, he intentionally flung himself overboard as well to tend to Lily. She was badly injured, incredibly close to death. With Shadow and Joseph’s handiwork, they helped her see another day. The party arrived to Renford to find Elder Torres, a man whom was best friends with Garland, the king. He requests help from the party. He cannot feed his village. The party agrees to help.

Session 2 - Searching for survivors
Finding nothing but destruction

The crew of the Athear Austrat explored kingdom Gabranth for any possible survivors. There were none to be found. They then decide to set sail west for Gabranth outpost 2X12, in hopes that potentially some life could be located there. The trip passes without problem. Dacian Gabranth was very upset and angered that his kingdom and home was reduced to nothingness. He shares a conversation with Laughing Shadow about how this possibly could have been. Laughing Shadow remembers back during this conversation to a note he found addressed to him in his brother Strago’s Journal. It seems that when Laughing Shadow acquired all the notes of his brother, amongst them was paper with unrecognizable words on them. The note explained that these words were copied from the contract itself.
They then arrived at the outpost. Before they landed. Dacian gave some inspirational words to the crew, telling them that they all had a choice to stay or leave. In the end (with the exception of Louise) they all willingly and happily chose to stay under his command. Dacian also spoke alone with Shedrin Oaklon about the same thing (for he was driving the ship while he made this speech the first time to the crew) It turned into a slight quarrel for captainship with Shedrin, but in the end, they agreed to disagree. They then sounded off to the outpost, hoping to hear of survivors. An hour passed…nothing. They decide to head east to Fynn to see if they know anything. On the way, they encounter a Troian vessel. The captains speak, and Dacian meets Admiral Umaro, leader over the airships of Troia. As it turns out, they’re both headed for Fynn. Admiral Umaro tells Dacian good news that at least some people of Gabranth survived and some are in Fynn and many are in the Monk Monastery and even a couple are in Troia. They part ways, and the crew arrives at Fynn. As they all dock, a man who works the docks comes to greet them. Recognizes the Gabranthian ship and the prince, and informs him that there are survivors wanting to talk to him.

Session 1 - Prologue
Before the beginning

The group learns to work together on the Athear Austrat. They get the full tour of the ship. The crew was trained in the ways of airships. The King told them to enjoy their last days before their journey. It seemed like a simple journey, less than a day to complete it, however the king was greatly saddened by something. As they have their final days of rest, The Laughing Shadow goes through the documents found on the dead Whisper Gnome that he found on his mission right before this one. He finds out shocking things relating to his character including the fact that he killed his own brother. The storm rages on the final day, the airship takes off and goes into the skies. It has a rough flight getting out of the city but finally makes it. The group looks back to see Gabranth destroyed.


It is the year 734, Gabranthian calendar. Just 14 short years ago, no one knew about Gabranth. It was a back water nation, with no military or force to guide it. They had a seemingly humble king who always held the people’s best interests at heart. The people tried their best to make ends meet. There was always a shortage of food so people often went hungry. One day however, things suddenly changed. Crops grew incredibly well, the people grew strong, they multiplied. They developed advanced technology, things that would usually take half a century for most nations, just several years for Gabranth. It was a night and day experience. They spread their kingdom swiftly and their influence grew to make them become the most feared and respected kingdom in the world. 14 years passed, bringing it back to the present. No one knew why all this fortune fell upon them, but the people were truly happy. A few days before the kingdom was destroyed, the townspeople noticed an overcast sky above Castle Gabranth. It remained there for 4 days. During this time, the townspeople could hear yells of anger and fear emanate from the Castle. On the 4th day, the king sent his son, along with some other adventurers on their most powerful airship on a vaguely written out mercantile mission. About 20 minutes out, they look back to bid the kingdom a temporary farewell. But just as they do, they see a dark power rise out of the sky. A power that no one could relate to anything ever seen before. Swirls of darkness appeared and consumed buildings. Giant dark hands filled with blades on all sides cut through people while firing a barrage of powerful magics only read about in books. Quickly the kingdom was engulfed in a black flame. People burned in an inextinguishable fire, burned to their very soul. Just as they had prospered from nothing, they had everything taken away, down to nothingness. The adventurers sat there in the airship in morbid astonishment of the events that have just taken place.


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