Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 14 - Lost woods
Getting the raft to the river

The party travels into the forest. In doing so, they are attacked by a Dire Tiger. They fell the creature and traverse deeper.

Session 13 - Taming the beasts
Fighting off creatures while trying to make a boat

After facing a wizard-spider-girl-person. Dacian rests while the rest of the party continues to build on this boat. Their progress was interrupted by various creatures. Firstly, a flock of cockatrices started towards the camp grounds. The party had 0 difficulty in defeating them. As they were putting some finishing touches on the raft, a creature starts to stumble towards them. They have not heard it before except in lore. Gadwin realized right away that it was terribly unnatural, before it arrived. It approaches them, reveals a device and sticks it in it’s mouth. The first sounds that this creature makes sounds something along the lines of ‘NYAN NYAN NYAN’ It then removes said device in its mouth, turns it over, reinserts it and it says ‘FINISH HIM’. It attacks. Through the coordinated efforts of the party, and the self sacrifice of Shadow, the party was able to overcome this creature called an inevitable. After that, the raft was finished.

In total, 4 Days have passed on the wilderness continent.

Session 12 - Into the wild
Traveling through the wilderness continent

After the party finished interrogating the hobgoblins, the rescued wilderness survivors, Gadwin (often referred to as Bear) and his wife Feena. They led the party southwest to an open area that was thought to be fairly safe. After killing a hill giant, it became as such. They rested for the night and left early in the morning. As Shadow scouter-ed ahead he found an Ettercap. Reported back to the party, who then searched it out. Remaining in battle formations for about 5 minutes, they suddenly heard crashes from different directions. It then tried to sneak attack Seto while the party was occupied by the trap distractions. The Ettercap missed and revealed its presence however and was easily killed in a matter of seconds. Later on, a sorceress appears out of nowhere. With absolutely explanation, they asked ‘Are you a wizard’ but really it was “Are you human?” The creature cornered, it found itself stuck in it’s web of lies (ITS A PUN!!). Gadwin then gets called in and spots her, tries to shoot her right away but his repeating crossbow malfunctions big time. The women then turns into a human sized spider and attacks Dacian, poisoning him. They quickly kill the spider immediately after though.

So far 1 Day has passed on the wilderness continent.

Session 11 - Crossing those hills
Storming the hobgoblin's base

The party arrives at the Wilderness continent and flies towards the Hobgoblin’s base. They take down a stolen ship and proceed up the mountain. As they progress, Leoben feels the airship being attacked as through his pagasus. The party makes it about halfway up the mountain when they find troops waiting for them. They speak to the troops asking for their leader. 16 minutes later, a hobgoblin with black fur comes out. Leoben requests that he can fight the black fur hobgoblin solo. He obliges and steps forth. The battle progresses with Leoben disarming him frequently, and about 18-24 seconds in, scores such a critical that he rips the very soul of the creature out of him. The hobgoblins are stunned and don’t fight back. The party leaves having killed their military leader and goes back to fly home. However, they get off the mountain and find no airship at all. They only find dead and wounded hobgoblins. Dacian and Leoben interrogate them and find out that the ship is set for Underground Dwarven Empire, to be sold. The party is now effectively stranded on the wilderness continent.

Session 10 - Its so underground

The party arrived to the Dwarven Underground Empire. They speak to the king of Dwarves and convinced him that they prevented a war. In essence, they did. After the king believes them, he leads them to the armory and shows them some nice things for them to have along with a handsome gold reward that came with the price of preventing the hobgoblins from attacking the Dwarves. So the party set off to the wilderness continent to deal with the hobgoblins. While on the journey, Dacian summons his animal companion. The following day, a phoenix decends upon the party. Normally a creature of goodness, this one was exceptionally good. It was a personal pet of Heironeous, that he spoke through. The phoenix gifted Dacian with a phoenix feather, to restore someone back to life if it were ever needed. Following that the phoenix looked in Dacian’s eyes and said ‘Do you not believe?’ He stood uncertain, and refused to obey. Then Vecna showed up and revealed that Heironeous was given a chance to convert him, then if unsuccessful, Dacian belonged to him. Dacian seeing this changed his mind and went with Heironeous. Vecna now no longer having hold on the ship because no one is open to him, departs with a gift of a hellcat. The party dispatches the hellcat with minor effort. They continue to the Wilderness continent.

Session 9 - In the family
Louise reveals her true colors

As the party is resting up for the arrival to the Dwarven Empire, Louise requests an audience with Dacian. He grants it. They talk for a little while, and she starts putting out candles. Then as she starts to get more nervous, she says ‘I…I…’ and charges Dacian ‘work for Vecna now…’ knocks him out in a single strike. Shadow hearing this, charges in, hides and starts firing at her. They both escape each other. Seto rushes in after the deities are disturbed, and Bahamut told him that he needed to find his captain. When Seto arrived, Louise placed a knife in him as well, knocking him out. All the remains is Shadow. Shadow tried to fend Louise off, but they stalemated for a while. Meanwhile, in the mind of Seto, Bahamut talks of an agreement to give Seto great power to handle the situation. Seto feeling obligated to agree does so, however to balance this, Bahamut agreed that he needed to sacrifice Theodore. Seto rises, blasts Louise with lightning, and she goes down. They detain her, and while they do so, Vecna appears and summons a chain devil. The party does not have great difficulty in dispatching the creature. And Vecna feels foiled again, and vows to return to Dacian. They finally rest, and then wake up. Seto tells Theodore about the agreement that was required to be made. Seto also informs the party of this as well. Theodore is to be sacrificed when he reaches the power that Seto currently is. As the sun reached the high point, the party reached the Dwarven Empire.

Session 8 - Taking more actions
Killing a killer...and more sexlexia...

The party, joined on the ship devise a plan to kill Crueak. They split and go their separate ways. Shadow goes and meets with the head of the soldier’s quarters, also a member of the resistance. In doing so, he attains a palace guard uniform. They then meet with Arwyn to plan the fall of Crueak, she mentions some actions that she and Crueak will be taking together and Shadow decides that that is the time to strike. The day of the date between Crueak and Arwyn, Shadow infiltrates the palace guard. Goes into a locker room and kills one of the guards going onto the evening shift that protects Crueak. After killing the guard, he stuffs him away, takes his uniform and follows the other guard. They then trade posts with the people on current shift. Speaking some words that could be considered a password for relieving the previous of their post. They then went to a fancy restaurant, and Crueak and Arwyn ate together while the guards(one of them being Shadow) watched them. They then headed back to the palace, Crueak’s chamber. The two were setting up to take some actions as Shadow was planning to take his own actions. Shadow kills the guard, startles Crueak a bit who is behind a curtain and cannot see what is going on and overhears dying scream. Arwyn frantically tries to calm Crueak. Shadow removes the curtain and shoots Crueak, he then turns invisible and runs full speed. Shadow and Arwyn make it to the ship before some commoners get to them. They take off right away, headed towards the Underground Dwarven Empire.

Session 7.5 - Mindset
Internal conflict

Shadow during the elven trials was unconscious most of the time. He had a spiritual experience and gained great insight from this, the rest of the party is completely unaware of what precisely happened though.

Session 7 - Taking actions
Genocide, and political issues...and sexlexia...

The party lands on Gnome Lands. Gnome Lands has 16 docks for public usage and is made up of 7 small mountains that contains the divisions of the city inside. They spare no time messing around with commoners and head straight to the leader Crueak Milltall. As they speak with him, Leoben detects that Crueak is evil. However, Crueak is entirely civil and everything, he just wants the death of all Dwarves. So they leave him, not being able to convince him of otherwise. Shadow gathers some guards and plays mind games on them to get information. Leoben gets drunk with a bartender to get information on the town. Dacian gets with a Gnome named Arwyn to try to get information out of her. All of this to figure out a way to remove Crueak from power. In the end, Dacian goes back to Arwyn’s residence and they speak more of Crueak. He finds out that she is an escort to Crueak, being highly charismatic and beautiful. They then take actions together. When he wakes, she is gone. One way or another, they all make it back to the ship in one piece and Crueak still remains in power and is only 3 days away from launching his attack.

Session 6 - In your dreams
The deities informing the party of evils

After leaving the chamber of Tolrendo, they head back to tan forest, in which the party gets an upgrade for the travels ahead from Silvaworm. Departing from the Elven continent, the party takes flight to the Gnome Lands. In doing so, they fly through the air space of an air elemental, his words to them were “MY AIR…” After it finishes being a whirlwind, the party gains ground and slices away at this windy apparition. Seto gets knocked out. Leoben revives him, and in anger, Seto rises up and thrusts his spear strongly into the creature. Its wind patterns start to shake. At last Leoben delivers the final blow to the gusty monster, leaving nothing but an orb that has but the essence of the elemental. They travel for a few more days, and encounter a ship ‘flying the white flag of war’ the pirates were about to board when the Austrat fired their weaponry. Shooting down the ship and 4 men in total. The other 6 climbed aboard and battled. They were inexperienced and were felled easily.
As the crew rested that night, the deities descended upon them. Heironeous visited Leoben, and gifted a Pegasus, a much needed tool for the battles ahead. To Seto, Bahamut grants knowledge of the trials ahead. To Dacian, Vecna greats temptations to him, and great promises. In the end, he takes it away when Dacian refuses. Seto and Leoben wake up feeling amazing…Dacian doesn’t wake up. Leoben feels divinely urged to punch Dacian in the face (this was after he already kicked him) and smites the evil out of his head. Dacian wakes up, his face hurting and mind in a whirlwind. Divine power flows through Leoben and heals Dacian. They then arrive to Gnome Lands.


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