Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 22 - On a boat!
Taking down the ship

Headed back to heaven, they get sent back to the material plane. Waking in the dwarven empire, they rise to see the world being over taken by demons and devils. They fly to Lindblum to get the next piece. They take on the gunship and kill it by running it into the ground…while doing a barrel roll.

Session 21 - Too many tentacles
No one could have seen enough hentai to know where this was going

They went into the room, and found an open pool of water. This room unlike the others didn’t have water already in it. As the paladin and shaman inspected, a kraken rose up. He tried to strangle the party to death, but with their powers combined, they were able to kill it dead with fire, except without the fire. Looting the room they gained some key items, one most notable amongst them was a piece of the Jewel of Evil’s Bane. With the item in hand, but feeling incomplete, they return to explore more of the dungeon…Nagapleze.

Session 20 - Drowning in magic
Questing through the dungeon

The dungeon starts out simple enough, its several rooms with monsters and creatures, it all seems innocent enough until they run into merfolk. The merfolk were guarding a treasure, but they tried to open the contents anyway. As they did, the treasure revealed itself to be a mimic (the paladin already knew this) and they struck it down before the mimic had a chance to inflict damage. They got a key, and progressed. Suddenly finding a room with a huge door, they insert the key and go through…And that was all that happened that session, no dying happened at all.

Session 19 - The end's beginning
The party is sent on to the underwater dungeon

As a final ‘training’ exercise, the party was shipped onto the underwater dungeon. They were given no guidance or direction or anything. All that they were told was “Underwater Dungeon!!” And that was it.

Session 18 - A Dragon's rage
Seto lets darkness in his heart

What happened within Setos heart, is that it shrunk 3 sizes that day. He let Vecna into his heart and turned into a nega saiyan. He gained his wings and incredible power, however he lost his mind. By the smiting powers of Leoben, he regained his mind back, but felt ashamed that he let it happen. In the end, he got a cheering up talk by Rigulus, who turned out to be Seto’s physical father and the aspect of Bahamut (YAY FIXING CONTINUITY ERRORS). After that, they rested.

Session 17 - Things drag on
The party enters a training room

The party after winning is informed that it is time for some training. They are brought to a magic room that trains them in whatever situation is needed. Two young adult white dragons are brought out. They wage battle on them, only to lose at the very last moment. Seto is angry…

Session 16 - Thinking with portals
For a moment, all hell breaks loose

After the party receives their new found gear and the workings of the plane. They then head to the place where Heironeous stated that there will be a hole from the infernal plane opening. When they arrive, they get to battle formation and the gate opens. Firstly, bearded devils come out, they were dispatched quickly though. Then as the next creature, a bone devil comes out. Dacian comes with through the portal. Just before that moment, Dacian got into the ranks of the devils as they lined up to go though the portal. As Dacian steps into the celestial plane, he starts to pee…on everything…and then he PEEEES ON EVERYTHING! As he is PEEING ON EVERREYTHING! He still fights the battle. Once the battle is over, the only thing that remains is yellow. During this time, Shadow spots Louise (Lilith) and tries to shoot her but she disappears. Lastly a pit fiend seeps though the portal. He is clearly very weakened from stepping into an area filled with light and happiness and goodness. The party tries to escape him, but he runs Dacian down. As they still try to escape, the pit fiend knows that his time has come, and escapes from the celestial plane before he burns away.

Session 15 - Divine Intervention
The judge decides the party's fate

After dying. The party the arrives to a land they’d never known. There they find a judge, standing behind a podium. He tells them to each go through a door. They all go through a door and get questioned by the judge. Afterwards each character met with someone important they knew from their past. And then went back before the judge out in the open. The judge wanting to give a fair trial, gave an extra opportunity to Dacian. Dacian spoke with his father and said that he would save him. In the end, the judge pointed the party to each of their doors. Leoben and Seto went through one, Dacian through another. Leoben and Seto arrive in this glorious place and meet up with the deities. Dacian…found himself in the infernal plane.

Session 14.75 - Farewell my dear
The party was slaughtered

In the middle of the night, a huge troll like creature attacked the party. In the end, it fell every party member. The party died.

Session 14.5 - BRAAIINNS
The party fought a flesh golem

The party tried to progress deeper, but while doing so, was attacked by a flesh golem. The creature was not too formidable. However after defeating it, they realized that dark magic lived on this continent. The party tracked the creature to a clearing. And through their knowledge base determined that a teleport spell had been cast. They went back to camp and slept for the night.


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