Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 32 - Wisdom after death
The foresight of Tellah's wisdom is revealed

This time on Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight) the party arrives at the Monastery. Things seem unchanged after the turmoil of Tellah’s death however the new person in charge is rather questionable. The Monastery’s best and sole merchant Flint was given leadership of the monastery. Leoben initially called shenanigans on this, it didn’t seem right. However, as he started to piece it together, it made a scarily large amount of sense. Flint had no confidence in himself, he didn’t change anything that Tellah had in place. However, with a war on the horizon, Leoben needed gold and resources. Leoben then discovered that it was through Tellah’s wisdom that Flint had been placed in power. Tellah knew of the war and the need of resources, so that is why he placed in power. Flint learning of this and being bolstered in confidence by Leoben took charge and plans to reform the monastery into a stronghold and a profiting place. After that, the party seeks to get to the Elf kingdom and find the last piece of the jewel.

Session 31 - Yurim under siege
Coming to the rescue of the Whisper Gnomes

After buying many items in Ur, and recruiting new members, especially one Gnome shop clerk by the name of Radar whom has taking a liking to Jinx. The party heads to Yurim. After arriving they find the town still trying to put out the fire and Gnomes running rampant. There were some Goliaths walking away at this point. Seto runs after them and talks to their leader. He is a large Goliath. This large blue Goliath comes from Rockface and is the leader of all Goliaths, he, knowing of Seto passes on his bracers of berserking, telling him that it was the way that he took down a Marilith. Leoben spoke to the king, a defeated man. Leoben told the king that some action must be taken, the party needs support, the king needs protection. In the end, he was able to convince the king to move his entire population onto the ship with only their most prized possessions. The party plans to take the people to the monastery and then go to the elves to get the final piece of the jewel of evil’s bane.

Session 30 - Fire on high
Incurring the wrath of the Lich King

As they return to the long hall, they find a door, inspect the door and some zomgoblin champions fall from the air. The party dispatches the zomgoblins and decends the stairs behind the door. They find themselves at the bottom of the spiral staircase and facing a much larger ominous door. They pass through it and see a thrust of land floating on a lava pool. The piece of land connected to the door breaks as they pass through it. The thrust of land slowly starts to rotate… The Lich speaks “Now is the time to put aside your weak mortal side, and join me in REMAKING THIS WORLD!!” They are pelted with many spells but none too damaging to kill them. As the Lich was damaged greatly, he teleported to the center of the room and says “Behold my true form and despair!!” His mage arms drop, and in their place grows stronger more buff arms, his head shifts forward and from his spine pulls a Greatsword of Human’s Bane. And proceeds to strike down the enemies. The phylactery also appears on the wall in the mouth of a dragon head statue. Shadow and Leoben on the phylactery and Seto and Falcor trying to tank against the Lich. The lich says “My sword craves human blood…” And pursues Dacian. He gets two good slashes at Dacian and nearly kills him. Dacian escapes behind Seto and Falcor, and just then, the final blow is landed on the phylactery and it shatters. The Lich starts to fade leaving his gear with saying “ could I have been so defeated?” to which Leoben replied (something along the lines of) “You’ve been defeated by the power of Heironeous’s light.” the Lich fades and says with his final breath “Ha, irony. For one who used to love and crave the light…”
Kif Jim messages them asking if they’re ready to return, they stated they are. So they were beamed up and Kif Jim informed them that the town of Yurim is under attack, the whisper Gnome civilization.
The party dock at Ur on the Gabranth continent and restock as they aim for Yurim…

Session 29 - Getting cold shoulders
Getting way too much freezer burn

The party arrived in the third area, unlike the previous two, it was vary tiled and structured. They heard of a dragon from the east, and followed through. Found a coliseum with frozen walls full of precious metals and gems. They slew the white dragon that reigned in the area, and claimed the valuables. The necromancer invited them into the final area as he disappeared. They then go to the left area, finding some more exploding ice creatures. After felling them, they find a message in elven telling them about the Necromancer’s phylactery. The search the room and find Gadwin with a message written in blood saying “my wife and bear are still in the wilderness…find them…save them.”

Session 28 - Creeper enough?
All the enemies seem to explode

After finishing the first area, a worm appears and was stabbed to death…it explodes. They continue onto to the next area and take the high road. They fight some zomgoblins and Shadow comes in to save the day. They heal up and continue onto the end of the upper curvature. The first inevitable returns at full power this time and gets slain quite easily. They enter the third chamber and fight more exploding creatures. After being drained from the explosions. They regather themselves to continue on…

Session 27 - Getting warmer
Going another layer deeper into the mountain

After defeating the zomgoblins, the party quests deeper into the tunnels. They find a hole and drop down it safely. What lies in this hole though is the last part of the path for this dungeon…but! They’re surrounded to a degree. The golem is behind them about 100 feet out, and more zomgoblins lie ahead of them. They split up and face them each as a two man party. Leoben with his smiting powers takes down the golem. The dragon creatures, being Falcor and Seto both blast the zomgoblins down. They heal up afterwards and continue onward.

Session 26 - Never dead
Raiding the dungeon of the Necromancer

They left the town of Kaipo and went for the dungeon of the necromancer. Upon arriving, it was extremely cold, so they went into the cave. They found some enhanced forms of hobgoblins they’d already fought, but undead.

Session 25 - Gettin shippy
Using interesting means to get new equipment

After escaping from Lindblum, the party flies immediately to Kaipo. During the flight, the pixie appears and greets the party with much…joy. The dragon cohort granted by the deities appeared to the party. He asked for gold and received it. The dragon now sleeps on the gold and serves the party well. As they were shopping, they upgraded the ship to FFFFFFFFFF-awesome. Seto returned to the ship, and spoke with Bahamut. Seto offered part of his life force to get Theodore’s soul to become one with the ship, and it gained life and power. Just then! Shadow proposed to Lily, and she accepted. So they all lived happy ever after…for this session.

Session 24 - Killing the king
The party runs in and destroys kingdom hall

After destroying the lower grunts of the army, the officers agree that the force is too strong and with knowledge that the king is evil, agree to help. They charge in the first room and spot 3 elites, they seem to have the scent of alternate worlds on them. They fight with this party and fall easily. They arrive in the kings room and before anyone acts, the queen is shot and disabled and the king is shortly stunned. Leoben kills him without mercy and the party escapes off the roof.

Session 23 - Flipping castle walls
Taking down waves after waves of their men

After killing the ships the party lands in the castle and starts their siege. Leoben convinces some of them to surrender, and those that did were shot down. The remainder charged the party in a long bout and they all fell semi easily. Right now, they still stand in the castle courtyard having just slain the majority of the army. All that remains are the stronger guards and the king…or so they think.


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