Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 6x500 - Austrat takes flight!
Killing the imposter king and finding the Austrat

After resting in Renford, the party heads straight to the king, after converting a guard to the side of good, they walk into the throne room. The king first sends the guard back out to his post and asks what the party learned on their travels. They are highly suspicious of the king and they try to trick the king into giving himself away. In the end, Tiberious shakes the hand of the king and he is injured and dealt with damage to his mobility. The king revealed his true form to be a lich, half destroyed already. He revealed his Greatsword of human’s bane and started striking the party. Through the combined efforts of the party, working together to keep each other alive (for the most part…I’m looking at your breath weapon Tyler), the party comes out majorly successful at defeating this creature. He fades away leaving his armor and sword. The henchmen, a hexblade and a cleric were slain easily as well. They loot the bodies and then they see the broken phylactery of the lich glowing with light. The sealed soul of the real king appears and gives them a little guidance and wishes them well on their quest with a gift.
They follow a hidden door many flights down into the underground. Once there, they see the ship of legend, the Athear Austrat. After pulling a lever which split the entire castle open for the airship to fly out, they were ready to set sails into the open skies having no idea where to go.

Session 5x500 - Hydraulics ready!
Taking down a nine headed Hydra

The party decides to leave Darkwood forest to head back to KU to kill the king. They encounter a valley where its a monster’s den between them and continuing on. Last time this wasn’t an issue because the valley was empty, but now the monsters are awake and moving about. The party, to save time, had to plow through the nest and fight the guarding of the nest, a nine headed Hydra. They were able to fool it to not attack them for a short while and then got a surprise round on it. In a mere two rounds, it was destroyed. Easy killings for the party.

Session 4x500 - The mad forest
Delving into the Drow lands

They rise out of their tents to discover a T-Rex trying to eat a ranger. He seemed pretty well armed with his crossbow of flaming bolts. The party comes to the rescue to try to defend the man, he deals a great deal of damage, including lighting the T-Rex on fire with his oil and bolt. Corrathin is swallowed whole and had to try to carve his way out of the T-Rex’s stomach. He took the third option and used the cock’nballz item and launched out of the mouth of the T-Rex using the liquid propulsion system. After that, the T-Rex was slain and fell on Murtagg.
They arrived to the Drow forest, Darkwood forest. They were welcomed in an unusual fashion. There was a voice that told them not to resist the forest, and after talking them in circles he revealed that he knew about the disturbance of KU. He then led them to the darkest tree of Drow. Once inside, Corrathin cast daylight, it spread out a certain distance, touched some of the walls where they saw thousand of red plant eyes, blinking. The light shrinks back. The Drow speaking in circles again explains that they have to kill their own king, that the king is an impostor. By doing so, they ruin the university, but will be a step closer to saving the world.
The undead, a corruption of the earth rose up to destroy KU. The Drow feel the pain of the earth, that it’s corruption is nearby, that the king is the corrupter.
He assures them free passage through the forest, and that if they can stop the earth from rotting, that the Drow will be in their debt.

Session 3x500 - Kitty's claws
Encountering deities and slaying half-zombie girls

The party arrived to the town of Mass. After that they sold their valued possessions that they gained from slaying monsters. After that, they went to sleep. Tiberious slept in the same room as Kitty, the rest had their own separate rooms.
They each have a dream about their patron deity.
In the middle of the night Kitty wakes Tiberious up and charms him..with magic. She goes around the rooms and charms them one by one. As Tiberious, Corrathin, Joe are charmed, they go to Murtagg’s door and they start to snap out of it. They attack and kill Kitty as she was a charismatic half-zombie that was laughing and cowering in the corner (from turn undead and Tasha’s hideous laughter).
After that, the deities appear, Pelor, Heironeous, and Bahamut and then a 7th hand was seen amongst them. The deities destroy the undead and they calm the earth. KU is now safe.
When they try to leave for the Drow, they start the long journey and find many creatures along the way, including an elephant and a Wyvern. They were then awoken by the chomping sounds of a T-Rex and someone yelling.

Session 2x500 - The escape!
Using the built in tunnels to escape

The party wakes up to a zombie attack, they go downstairs to try to escape the hoard by going into the escape tunnels. Unfortunately they find some zombies have taken over the tunnels. They are easily dispatched, and they save a girl named Kitty in the process. They reached the end of the tunnel, and saw an umber hulk zombie. After a long battle, they were victorious and made it to the town of Mass. They head to the inn.

Session 1x500 - Prologue
A new beginning.

It is the year 1272, Gabranthian calendar. With Vecna destroyed, peace reigned. The world had a taste of something truly evil, before that time, the world quarreled amongst itself for supremacy however after experiencing true evil, soul corrupting evil, evil without mercy. The world banded together to fight this otherworldly power, the power of Vecna. After that though, through the bonding of the hell fires they fought through, and a truly evil force being eradicated, the world decided that it was done fighting for a while. Unfortunately with no Gabranth, there were little to no alliances anymore. Nations kept to themselves fairly well and they all stabilized.
500 years has passed since that faithful day. Dacian Gabranth, Leoben Battleheart, Seto Thuliga, and Laughing Shadow. The 4 heroes of light, of legend with the guidance and power of the celestial deities, they took on the dark forces of Vecna… That seemed like an eternity ago. By now the plans that Dacian had to colonize the wilderness continent had flourished and King’s University was born. It is now renamed the King’s continent. The other continents have remained somewhat unchanged, especially the elf continent. The Gabranth continent has been destroyed and has only started to rebuild. The world’s economy is back in balance without a super power controlling the flow. Lindblum has been completely destroyed.
Peace reigned over the land, but suddenly an imbalance in the world has caused abnormal things to start occurring. Undead started rising right and left and set their sights on King’s University. Why there? What was special about the university that made them completely ignore the town?
The best students of the University, living in Grace Pearson, were sent to the king for some unknown reason. The king explains about the disturbance in the world, he gives them their graduate challenge to fight his best servants. The Ranger Tonnor shoots one though the eye on purpose and feels no remorse about it. He is banished from the kingdom. And everyone is sent on a mission to find out what is wrong with the world.

Session 36 - Epiclogue
Tying up the loose end

After Vecna dies the essence is sealed away into the jewel of evil’s bane. Shadow gains the power of the god of secrets. Leoben gains the power of Heironeous. Seto gains Bahamut’s power. Dacian matched closest to Garl Glittergold, so he became the god of trickery.

Shadow – Married Lily and produced a son. He now resides in secret places including Sigil. He replaced Lily with a doppelganger and he replaced himself with several look-alikes. Along with that, now has dominion over force dragons.

Dacian – Made his new country Gabronx in the wilderness continent, killed the goblins and Gadwin now teaches wilderness survival.

Seto – Now hailed as the greatest warrior of the Goliaths. Became the god of Goliaths. Has revived and helped Theodore come back to live.

Dacian, Shadow, Seto, and Leoben are now all hailed as the heroes of Ivalice and worshiped as great deities with multitude of followers.

Session 35 - Dungeons and Dragons
Fighting off the colored dragons

With the party split, Dacian and Shadow delves further. They first fight a pair of Dragons, White and Black. They were dispatched with somewhat ease. As they stepped onto a portal to warp them to the next area, the portal fizzles out and two more dragons were warped in. After nearly dying in battle, the party of two come from behind with a close victory. They warp to close to the final area.

Session 34 - The beginning's end
Storming Vecna's castle

After dropping off the elves to the Monastery, the party headed towards the Castle in the Sky. They arrived to the castle, and were vastly outnumbered. The elves, the gnomes, the dwarves and Rigulus all arrived to fend off the ship. Seto bonds with the jewel momentarily and shoots a beam of disintegration and destroys the force field. They enter the castle and Dacian gets his Holy Mithril Light Lesser Flaming Musket of Improved Incredible Criticals a.k.a. Plot Gun. They find some ice devils in the next room and slay them somewhat easily, Seto was feared and slowed but Dacian was able to kill the enemies with ease.

Session 33 - Under new leadership
Finding out Madvin Tritoch has taken over

As they arrive to the elves, they get stopped repeatedly by the nervous guards who announce the new rule of Madvin Tritoch. Leoben speaks to them and tells them to stand down, they do so. The party arrives in the square to find all of the happy, the positive, and the singing life all sorrowful and sullen and depressed. The party bypasses all of that to go to the throne room. After the let them in, they find Madvin Tritoch standing there welcoming them. They see dead elf bodies everywhere in that room in the corners. Madvin then summons Bone Devils to fight the party, the devils are defeated easily. Then in desperation Madvin speaks.
“Vecna…please give me the power of the ultimate monster…”
“…wish granted…”
Madvin Tritoch transforms into a colossal creature, a flesh-like statue with ribbon arms that reach out to 150 feet. The party defeats this creature in 18 seconds…18 seconds. They gather some valuables and head to tanwood forest to speak with Silvaworm. Silvaworm is now the new leader of all the elves. He rewards the party with much gold and valuables and a special item for each of them for all the work done for them. 500 elves ask if they can join the movement happening in the monastery, Leoben agrees.


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