Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 16x500 - Wandering the castle
Making it a few steps into the castle

As they set in, they realize that Daxter has joined them. Unlike the last time Daxter appeared, though he still looks just the same, his personality became a slight bit more…feminine. But it would probably just our imaginations, and not a player switch at all. Anyway! The party starts to explore and sees the castle before them. A tower on the inside of it on each side, on the inside of the outer walls. Inner walls and a structure built around them. A courtyard beyond that, and within that, the keep, where the power of the planes shot into. They explore the right of the two towers (unintentional reference until it happened on the spot). And inside they found a mature adult black dragon. The dragon spotted them and they tried to close the doors, but it was too late, it broke the doors down and had one claw covering Daxter. Joe started talking with it, sharing more of his outlandish statements. The dragon became enraged and pointed a claw at it, about to strike, forgetting about the fact that Daxter was under that claw, underneath the door. He..she..? rolls out from underneath and gets up quickly. Murtagg and the gang seeing where this was going fast decides to attack the dragon just before it unleashes its acid breath. They start exchanging strikes, the party not being injured too much, and the dragon going down fairly easily. With a well placed spell and..chime to finish it off, they move on.

Session 15x500 - The Austrat's fall
Making it to the sky castle, but at a cost

After finishing off the Marilith, they returned to the ship.
Kif Jim led the party to the floating castle where the dragon manipulating the elemental plane of air resides. Before they went, Kif Jim heard of a disturbance in the Gabranth area. He told the party that with it being close by, that they should answer. They do so. They’re searching through this forest for what could be in distress/danger and they find that it was actually a blue dragon. It was a trap! Kif Jim in anger an frustration stops time. The moment time resumed, they found the dragon was just a smoking pile of ash and burning meat. Kif Jim has a strong urgency in his voice and tells the crew to start flying now.
As they fly towards the castle, they’re met with a really powerful wind barrier, bashing the airship in all directions. They look down to find the world being broken up, volcanoes exploding, seas rampaging, giant fissures occurring, the world is being wrecked, all because of this dragon and the deity, Tiamat, that it serves. The party tries to angle the ship as close to the castle as they can, and when they do so, they jump off at an angle and fall 80 feet onto the floating island where the castle lies. They look back and see their precious airship destroyed by a powerful strike of wind, and their friends/crew mates being swept away falling back down to the earth. As they look towards the castle, they see the energies of the planes being summoned into the keep of the castle. Kif Jim in his frustration and anger, teleported ahead and told them he would try to take care of Tiamat. And they progress inward…

Session 14x500 - Burning through dungeons
Bluffing their way through Dragon Mountain to take down the Marilith

Each party member received a small break from Kif Jim after the battle with the dragons. Tiberius visited the Lady of Pain and returned with several scars. Corrathin, exhausted from making a glass castle, stayed behind to relax in it. Murtagg returned from Farthen-dur with the signet ring of his King, the Dragon Shield, and a toy hammer he picked up as a keepsake. At this point they ask Kif Jim where the next creature, the Marilith lays. Kif Jim explains that there is a dormant volcano called Dragon Mountain. The Marilith does all her work from within there.
Right before they left Verongard, they found an interesting Gnome Druid named Braddock Dresden (or…Brad Dustin) and they could clearly see Brad’s power, so they asked him to join.

So, fast track to Dragon Mountain, they enter a cave going into it that is close to the summit. Inside they find Hobgoblins. The Hobgoblins told them to leave their land, but the party asked why the Hobgoblins were even there. They explained that Mass drove them out of their homes and they were forced to take up refuge in this mountain. They now serve Tiamat. Joe convinced the Hobgoblins that the party was just like them, and they believed him, because naturally Joe wouldn’t ever lie, right?

Progressing through the dungeon, they bypassed all the Hobgoblins by mentioning that they were friends of the Hobgoblins guarding the entrance. After a while of walking, they reach a new area, instead of tunnels, it had more of a temple set up. To one side, a coliseum, another side, something that looked like a large square house. And at the end of the hall, a door.

They went to the coliseum first, found a white dragon there. The dragon was going to attack but Joe told it that it wanted to sleep. The dragon tried to sense the motive of Joe, but found that it was so very tired and decided to fall into a coma. The party finds a man named Daxter who was caught by the Hobgoblins. When freed, Daxter decided to join up with them.

They then go to the other room, the house. Once inside, they find a purple worm. This creature however has no intelligence at all, so Joe’s lies…I mean, truths… had no effect on this creature. The creature didn’t put up too much of a fight, and just as it was about to be killed, Brad transformed it into a squirrel. The party then collected the treasure in the room.

They go to the final door, and before they open it, they investigate around it. It was a false door, ready to trigger a trap to drop them 3 floors down. They decided to take the stairs instead. Once at the bottom, they find the double doors leading into the Marilith’s room. They go in, step out onto the platform, the doors shut behind them, and the platform detaches from the wall. So there they are, standing on this platform floating in lava, with nothing but lava surrounding them in all directions, and no way out, just the Marilith in front of them. Joe tries to anger the Marilith by making wild claims, but she could see right through those lies. Joe did make her quite angry though, and she charged for him.

The party blocked her path, but with her 6 long swords, she sliced away at the Dragonborn monk, Daxter. He was taking serious injuries, but with the help of the Murtagg and Brad, they were able to keep him from falling unconscious. The party gave it their all, but the Marilith was dodging many of their attacks. But with the enhancements provided by Joe, Murtagg, and Tiberius, Daxter countered the Marilith strike for strike and was able to deliver the final blow to bring her down. They made sure she was dead, then they threw her in the lava.

Kif Jim teleported them back to their airship, then spoke through the Wizard’s tower to tell them congratulations on defeating the 3rd of 4 elemental creatures. Only the Dragon remains. He advises them to get their affairs in order and prepare for the final battle.

Session 13x500 - Saving the town
Finishing off the dragon battle

The party sets off from Tamriel to Vreongard. With no trouble in the skies, they reach their destination in about 8 hours. After landing, the party goes to meet the rest of the guys at a campfire. They talk a little bit, then prepare themselves for the inbound wave of dragons. A few hours pass and the dragons appear, flying at top speed towards the town. The heroes go out to fight and seek out the leader of the dragons. They successfully do so as the rest of the dragons start attacking the town, the guards defend against the weaker ones. The party fights their way through two adult green dragons and a mature adult black dragon. After the battle ends, they all rest in Tiberius’ house. Murtagg gets a little extra-curricular with Tiberius’ sisters, taking advantage of the hospitality of the house. Corrathin decides to build a sand castle, turns it into glass and sleeps with it. Little Timmy (the Gabranthian prince who will no longer inherit) stumbles into Tiberius’ room, only to find Tiberius …spending time with himself. Tiberius shoos him out, and later goes to Timmy’s room to ask what the problem was. Timmy has heard the sounds of Murtagg and and Tiberius’ sisters enjoying each others company (if you know what I mean), and Tiberius tries to explain as best he could that it was just a fun party that he can’t go to right now, but can one day.
Next day after all that tom-foolery happens, Kif Jim appears at the door and updates them on the status of this battle. All the forces have been eradicated in this first battle. There is no promise that there won’t be more, but for now, mission accomplish. He also invites the party to take a couple days to rest and relax before taking on the next mission, the Marilith. Murtagg decides to visit his homeland, and wants to take Jasmine (one of the triplet sisters) with him on his travels.
On the flight to his home, he is filled with apprehension of what he will find, the news from Kif Jim hasn’t been good. He arrives to find everyone slaughtered, his home wrecked by dragons, friends dead in the streets, leaders slain in their seats. His parent’s remains in a pile of their own blood, his father appeared as though he tried to protect his mother but both their lives were taken. With the sadness of this place, he decides to take some valuables, the signet ring of the king and the Dragon Shield. He then summons his totem dragon and asks for the entrances to be repaired and sealed with magic, it is done. He then asks how he can gain entrance back in when he wants to one day. The dragon indicates that the signet ring will be the key. Murtagg then leaves Farthen-dur, leaving only rubble and hiding away the remains of his town.
Kif Jim tells him that despite the words of warning he sent the Dwarves to run, they decided in their stubbornness to stay and fight and protect their home.

Session 12x500 - The second war
Fighting off an army of Dragons

After returning from the plane of distortion, Kif Jim greets them with joy. However, voices quickly started flying through the tower, many all at once, Joe tried to listen in, but his mind couldn’t keep up. Kif Jim looked back at the party, with a sudden grimness to his face. He tells them “The second war has begun”. Tiamat has been saving up her power for years and has unleashed it upon the material plane. Since the influence of good vastly outweighs the influence of evil in the material plane, Tiamat cannot enter herself. However, she gave the ability to command her army to one of her greatest henchmen, the dragon. Kif Jim tells them that their home towns are under attack. Verongard, Tamriel, and Farthen-dur. Along with that, various other major cities are under attack as well, but can fend for themselves. They invite Kif Jim along, who is reluctant but willing. Kif Jim explains that if he leaves the tower, it will be destroyed. In the end, Murtagg agreed to let his village be attacked, with the full certainty that family and friends could escape just fine. Tiberius, Dauglos, and Chester went to protect Verongard. Murtagg, Corrathin, and Joe went to protect Tamriel. They teleported using the ship and arrived a few hours before the attack. After setting up the battle defences, they charged with the army in a spearhead against the dragon army. The leader of the dragon army split off, and the human army opened up a gap in their flank for the party to pursue. Then the party faces off against their leader and isn’t too troubled with beating him, but their personal resources are drained a little. The dragons flee, and Kif Jim arrives to tell the party that there is no longer any word of life from Farthen-dur, everyone is presumed dead. The army that attacked Farthen-dur is headed towards Verongard, and the guys up there need help. The heroes set off to help their fellow allies.

Session 11x500 - A distorted perspective
Traveling to the plane of distortion and finding a genie

Kif Jim and the other guilds had a common mission for the party, to go to the plane of distortion in suspicion of Tiamat gathering forces there. The party decides to head there. Upon arriving, they notice that the plane looks twisted and altered. The sky is red-purple, changing back and forth between those colors. It is a cool temperature with a pleasant atmosphere. They notice that the plane mirrors itself. For every elevation, there is a depression. For every spire, an inverted hole, same shape and size. They approach a castle nearby and are greeted by a genie. He wishes to play with them. To help them out, he invites them to look into his eyes, Murtagg and Joe fall into his power and their perspective of the world shifts. The world looks normal to them. The genie disappears and they progress into his castle.
They find a ball room shortly in, this room has a couple dancing creatures, including some fang golems and some chraal. After the song finished, they attacked the party. After what seemed like an eternity for the genie (24 seconds game time, 2 hours real time) He ended the fight, and made all the creatures explode. This dealt quite a bit of damage to the party, but they made it out alright thanks to many curing spells.
After that they were told of a maiden in the castle, it was a classmate of theirs named Jessica. They go to find her and do so easily with the genie’s unusual kindness in helping. She is a super beautiful girl, way prettier than anyone remembers. She clings to Murtagg right away wanting him badly. She asks for a kiss, but he pulls away and promises later. Tiberious uses his golden ice ability on her by touching her and she turns out to be evil, and then more specifically a succubus. Corrathin sound lances her to death (her, like, one weakness) and they move on. They find the genie in his room and he acts surprised to see them but vanishes quickly leaving a key behind. They grab the key and the loot from under his bed and find where the key goes.
Back in the main hall they find a key hole on the ground, go through the trap door and confront him for the last time. He explains how this world works, in that thought is powerful, for those that resisted his gaze, they realize that over time, the castle started to look normal. This was their mind acclimating to the area. The genie explains that Jessica never existed, but was something they filled the blanks in their minds with. Frustrated with the genie’s riddles and tricks the party attacks him. He splits into 3 to try to take them on, but finds two of him paralyzed. He fuses back together and tries to take our Murtagg, but does so unsuccessfully. They take him down fairly easily. They warp out of the place and find themselves safely in the Wizard’s tower again, hating genies.

Session 10x500 - The Shifting Sands
Having a solid battle on the sinking ground

The party comes through the portal from the Wizard’s Tower into a desolate, arid desert. They meet a dragon hunter by the name of Chester Winchester, and venture down into a tomb. They quickly pass through the first level, and come to a large room. In the middle is a giant statue, and there are four doors: one in the center of each wall. The party enters each room clockwise, starting with the west door.

In the west room, they find a crumpled old man laying on a statue of a dragon. They wake him, and he goes into a maniacal attack against them. He animates ten books to attack the party, and then faints when the party defeats them. Winchester ties the man up and they venture onwards.

In north room, they find a similar statue. They are attacked by six dust twisters, but manage to defeat them.

In the east room, they find another statue, with four guardian constructs surrounding the room. Dauglos stays in the doorway to this room while the others search the south room.

In the south room, they find a fourth statue and a panel of five switches. Tiberius pulls the first lever, which causes the statue in this room to spin 90 degrees clockwise. He goes a little bit trigger happy and pulls the switch three more times, returning it to its original position. He then pulls the second lever, which turns the west room’s statue. He pulls it again, and a beam of light from the ceiling hits the reflective eyes of the dragon at such an angle that it is projected into the center of the room. It hits the large statue.

The third lever activates the constructs, but Dauglos is able to close the door in time to block them. The fourth and fifth levers are pulled so that all four statues face the large center statue. With that, the statue sinks, revealing a spiral staircase. The party travels down the stairs, where Corathin tries to jump over Tiberius. He fails somewhat horribly, and trips into a pool of healing waters in the next room. All of the party members drink their fill, and walk into the adjacent hallway.

About fifteen feet down the hallway, the party steps on a trap stone, which causes a huge boulder to roll down the hallway, heading in their direction. Most of the party makes it to the next room easily, but Jojo trips and falls three times, almost getting crushed in the process.

Tiberius opens the final doors, which lead to the tomb of Ahn’Kahet. They see a huge pile of gold in one corner, a casket in the center, and a pile of rubble in another corner. Sunshine pokes out of the rubble corner. When the party is searching around, an old sand dragon comes out of hiding and attacks the party. Winchester, seeing his time to shine, attacks the dragon with all his might. The dragon takes his rage out on Tiberius, dealing massive damage to him. Tiberius reacts by slicing through the dragons wings and climbing on board. The dragon smashes him into the ceiling, which causes Tiberius to fall off. He then casts sand wall, cutting Winchester, Dauglos, and Jojo off from the fight. Winchester attempts to run through the wall, Dauglos teleports to the other side of it, and Jojo gives up and sits down for a drink. Meanwhile, the dragon attempts to smash Corathin, and Tiberius crawls down the dragon’s throat. Corathin shoots a sound lance at the dragon, killing it with Tiberius still inside.

The party grabs as much loot as it can carry, and head toward the portal on the surface. Tiberius goes and carries the librarian back to the Wizard’s Tower, but he wakes up and makes his escape soon after.

Session 9x500 - United at last
Shadow takes the party to meet their deities

After the party finishes their shopping, they go back to Shadow’s home. Shadow teleports them to the judge and then goes his own way. The party stands before the judge as he decides where their characters should go. 3 of them were easy choices, clearly chosen for Celestia. Joe however… The judge wanted to condemn him, but unfortunately, through the strong desire of the deities, the judge let Joe past but with a dismissal spell on him in case Joe did anything he wasn’t supposed to do. They arrive in Celestia and see things of pure joy around, angels and fountains and clouds and just raw happiness. A sprite leads them to their deities.
As they were flying, they noticed the air and space get really dense, reality starts shaking a little. This was explained by the fact that quite a few deities were gathered in one location and that such a large power source distorts the atmosphere around it. They arrive to the deities and bow to them, and they receive a gift from them. After that, they’re shown to the coliseum and are offered another test. This time they fight an inevitable and even though it is a sturdy creature, they have only minor difficulties with it. After that, they discussed with the deities more, mainly involving the war 500 years ago and then go on their way. They arrive back at Shadow’s place who gives a few parting words and he sends them back to Kif Jim.
At the Wizard’s tower, Kif Jim informs them that he has some missions for them. They can either go out to the nations and form alliances for a possible upcoming second war, or they can go check out some of the other planes where Tiamat might be gathering forces. They chose to check out the other planes. They get teleported to a sand plane where they find a man standing outside a dungeon.

Session 8x500 - Seeking out truth
Finding the true king, the wizards tower, and killing the kraken

After the party left King’s University, they fly to the elves. They arrive at lightwood forest to meet with the queen who turns out to be none other than Lily, the very same who once sailed with the Austrat. She explained to them her side of the story of visiting King’s University, and why she took the queen. The queen appeared before them, completely safe and healthy. Corrathin does the worst job ever of explaining what has occurred in the past year, including the part about anarchy and her husband dead. Lily hints at a secret about the king. She yearns to ride in the Austrat again, and joins them as they go to the wizard tower. There they find Kif Jim and his associates. Kif Jim is happy to see the heroes but is quick to test their skill. They fight a wizard based on buffing spells. After almost killing the wizard. Kif Jim intervenes and separates them all. With some frustration he tells them to be careful about killing allies. They gather some information about the next creature from him and they leave. They stop by the monastery and visit with one of the priests, wanting to find out about this secret about the king. The priest shows them to a private room where a man appears before them, this man appears very unshaven and has torn clothes that have been used far too many times. This man turns out to be the true king. He willingly offered his younger brother his opportunity to have the (non-existent) crown, because he didn’t feel up to leading. They convince the king to take his throne and they drop him back off to King’s University. They then go to Crescent Lake and investigate about the water temple. After obtaining its location they submerge themselves and go into the dungeon. After encountering some monsters and traps, they find two rooms of significance. The first being a room with inscriptions from all 4 figures and when a button is pressed, a little presentation is given showing the link between the 4, their elemental planes, and the world being destroyed. The other room was the Kraken’s room. The Kraken greeted them and informed them about how they were all pawns in this scheme. That the Kraken found his way on the evil side, and the party on the good side. But regardless everyone is a pawn. They killed the Kraken, made their way back out, went back to the Wizard’s tower and sought out Sigil. Kif Jim showed them the door to Sigil from the material plane and requests that they buy an item for him. They go to Sigil, buy the item and find the person they’re looking for, Laughing Shadow. With him is his young looking wife Lily, the very same. Shadow explains how the material plane Lily is just a clone really, from a doppleganger, and how he made various people pretend to he him hundreds of years ago and it was assumed that Shadow died off and no one ever heard of him again, nor Vecna’s power. The party leaves Shadow for a little while to take care of business in Sigil. Tiberious has the crazy idea of meeting the Lady of Pain. He does so, and tries to woo her. After a long series of things that she does to him, ‘torment’ …of sorts… she actually finds that she is quite drawn to him, because he is unlike any other that has ever pursued her. She tells him to come back in 100 years or so, and she will be ready for him.

Session 7x500 - Cleaning up kings
Trying to save the world, but a kingdom falls

After the party discovered the Austrat, they decide to stay behind and try to clean up the mess. First they carve a stone and embed the king’s stone into it, only to be removed by the new king. Ashcroft’s men all swear fealty to the king on the stone. Tiberious drops off the kid king to his parents. They gather the lords together, the lords are corrupt wizards and wanted the power for themselves. They summon devils and vanish. Joe converts many of the guards to their side, to fight for the cause. Unfortunately, despite valiant efforts, they were not able to stop the anarchy that the drow predicted. They were however able to take measures against it and have set in place for the king to return to power when time has come. They sell gear and prepare to launch to their next mission, to the elves!


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