Jewel of Evil's Bane

The answer to ultimate evil


Once there was a jewel, created by sacrificing the life of a pure powerful soul, a paladin. He gave his life out of choice. By doing so, he was able to seal the powers of great evil away. This time around, Vecna in wanting to take over the material plains, has fear for that object. He ordered a weak willed person to split it into 4 pieces, Vecna than gave 1 to each of his most loyal followers, but had one remain. He then crafted a dungeon out of pure magic, and stored the 4th himself. Vecna created the water dungeon. And the elves, Lindblum, and the necromancer have the remaining 3.

The Paladin’s soul that created the jewel was the ancestor of Leoben Battleheart, Thalnenth Battleheart.

Jewel of Evil's Bane

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