The most unholy object to possess


To the mortal known as Garland Gabranth. I, Vecna, have through generosity looked favorably upon your situation. You lack the simple nourishment to survive. This is most unfortunate. For years these simple mortals try their best to make their mark on this world, yet they disappear and no one knows about them even a century later. Is this not saddening? This contract is the key to true happiness. Whatever the hearts desire in material gain is, will be granted. The latent and and the intentional desires will be answered.

The world is a unfriendly place, and Vecna is a kind enough being to help people out, because Vecna cares. This contract however shall never be spoken of, for that is not how things should be. If done so, great pain will come upon Garland for 24 hours, for every being that learns of the contract from you. Secrecy is an important factor in matters such as this. But Vecna does this out of caring, caring is what drives Vecna to offer this to you.

The promise: Garland, you will have your little nation grow into the most powerful nation in all the land. People will hear your name and bow their knee. Nations will side with you to bask in your greatness. Gabranth will bring peace to the world through the power that it possesses. The people of Gabranth will become incredible people capable of things far beyond normal comprehension. The influence will draw outsiders in to convert and join the kingdom of Gabranth. Gabranth will command the most powerful airship fleet in the world, with one titled ‘Athear Austrat’ constructed by myself and my followers which will be the most powerful ship in the world, just a mere gift from me.

(This last page was copied by a subordinate of Strago and that copy is in Shadow’s possession)

The cost: Nothing in life is free. And with something given, something is taken. Garland will, directly or indirectly, cause the death of 100 of his own men yearly, as a sacrifice for Vecna. Along with that, upon the 22nd birthday of his first and only son Dacian Gabranth. Garland will have to decidedly take his own son’s life, or else the entire kingdom and every place tied to it will be destroyed. Think of your people, they will love you so much, they will not care about 100 missing a year, or your son. You can have so much, you must only sign.

Signature of mortal:

Garland Gabranth XII

Signature of Deity:



Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight) Arcthelad56