Athear Austrat

Most powerful Airship in the world


Athear Austrat. Hull 280 hp, Ac 15. Floatation/propellers 220 hp, Ac 21.
4 cannons + 2 tubes + 2 swivel tubes

Base combat speed (without enhancements and piloting skills) 200 mph. 1760 ft per round.
Base cruising speed (without enhancements and piloting skills) 160 mph. 1056 ft per round.

(4x normal speed with wind elementals)
960 miles per day travel originally, 3840 miles per day currently.
Hovering up, half speed max.
Descending down, double speed max.
Forward ascent, (going up and forward) 3/4 speed.
700 yd. range cannon.
Standard shot, 10d6
Grape shot, 8d4

35 cure light wounds potions
19 cure moderate wounds potions

-Cask of rum X10
-Bedroll (hammock) X30
-Bucket X15
-Candle X80
-Canvas (wind breaker)
-Fishing net X4
-Grappling hook X10
-Hammer X20
-Ladder (gang plank) X2
-Lamp (common) X15
-Oil Cask (50 gallon) X10
-Paper X100
-Ink and quill X2
-Magic rope 2500ft. (total)
-Signal whistle X1
-Sledge X5
-Spade X5
-Spyglass X1
-Vial X20
-Royal crown X0
-Hand axe X20
-24 lbs. naval guns X4
*grapeshot X30
-Magic missile tube X4
-Sextant X2 (+2 circumstance bonus)
-Salt blocks X10
-Soap block X10
-Scrubbing brush X14
-Anchor 2000lbs.
-Harpoons X10 (1d10 30ft.)
-40 real shots.
-200 non-magical rope.

Known qualities about the ship:
Ultra fast speed. (Thanks to elementals)
Easy to pilot. (Thanks to elementals)
Long boat with Ortaluke’s telekinetic sphere.
Major creation coal 12 hours worth, 2/per day.
Teleportation 1/day.
Plane Shift 1/day
Invisibility 15/minutes per day (spread out as desired).

Hero’s feast for ALL people per day.
Unlimited space.
Make whole 100 hp/day
100 shots per day created (along with gunpowder needed)

Used to have Breath weapon 10d6 300ft, while Theodore’s soul was attached.


Over 500 years ago, the warriors of light obtained the ship through the Gabranth kingdom. It was a promised proposition in the contract between the king of that time, and Vecna.
This ship, made by a dark deity, is considered the most powerful ship in the world.
Faster than any ship, more magical than any ship in existence, even had the soul of a person attached for a period of time.
The warriors of light used this ship to travel the world over.
The ship was a crucial piece in saving the world.
After the war was over, and Gabronx was forming, it was used as the main trade ship for a short while. After they formed a stable economy and were able to build other ships, they put the Austrat in a museum. Unfortunately the museum was under attack fairly often for how valued the ship is. So the king buried the ship, deep deep within the castle, never to be touched again. The king tried to erase the ship from history as best as he could.
People eventually thought that the ship was either lost forever or actually destroyed by some incredibly powerful magic. After slaying the imposter king, they find the ship and take it for their own.

Athear Austrat

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