Tolrendo Fulleron

Lord of all Elves


After spending time with Elderon, and swaying Silvaworm. They finally arrive to Lightwood forest. Silvaworm gives the party a grand introduction (though fabricating some details) to make the party appear as though they are great warriors and savior’s of the world in front of the lord of Elves. Tolrendo Fulleron looks at them, and after a short conversation asks the party what he can do for them, and proceeds to tell them that only one other human ever set foot in that chamber…Garland Gabranth himself. The party asks for any help he can give. Among gifts he also offers his own name. He also mentions aquatic creatures living around Crescent Lake.

People he mentioned would probably know his name.

King of Dwarves: Wodgard Stonecarver
King of Gnome lands: Crueak Milltall
Leader over Veldt: Tholamin Strifelaugher
King of Lindblum: Luneth Tigersoul

Passed on shortly after the adventurers left, no one is certain what the cause of death was. Unfortunately that left Madvin Tritoch in charge for a little while, until the warriors of light came back to destroy him.

Tolrendo Fulleron

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