A soldier by trade, mechanic by nature.


lv.2 Dragon Shaman Hp18.



The lowest in rank amongst the three of Joseph, Roy and Theodore. Being that they were found as refugees, they were all pretty happy to have purpose again. Theodore especially, above all of them. He talks very little but turns out to have much knowledge within. Kif Jim and Theodore hit it off quite well and Theodore picks up on everything abnormally fast.

Theodore Orlan Cidolfas is the teenage son of the head mechanic of kingdom Gabranth “Cid”. He was charged with serving on the outpost but because of his age, was not given very difficult duties. He found out of his father’s death and was pained immensely. He puts on a brave front and does not let it show, but it bitter inside and does not speak much. It is because of his father that he quite adept at airship technology.

Seto decided while on the Elven adventure, to take Theodore as his apprentice. Theodore being a smart fellow and a clean slate for never having much formal training, picked up quickly at first the ways of the Dragon Shaman (Shey-men)

After having many things done to him, including being sacrificed and dying, and then had his soul ripped back to life, and then restored to life by Seto. He was able to finally life in peace for the rest of his human days. He paid his respects to Seto daily and progressed to be a great Dragon Shaman and because exalted (not exiled) by the people of Rockface. He maintained a close bond with airships though. He progressed Airship technology greatly. He knew he could never create anything even close to the power of the Austrat, but gained a deep satisfaction in working on other ships.
Taken from the material plain peacefully in old age.


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