Head diplomat of Tanwood and ambassador for the lord of all Elves.


Due to the world’s state, Silvaworm decided to cut off contact and trade with the rest of the world. Through Barkwood’s industriousness, the Elven economy was very self-sufficient and flourishing. However, with Leoben’s sharp tongue and inspired words, he was able to sway Silvaworm to take this matter to Tolrendo Fulleron, the lord of all Elves.

After the discussion with Tolrendo Fulleron, Silvaworm has agreed by command to let Tanwood be a base of operations for the Gabranthian group. Silvaworm is also promised to give rewards based on deeds done for the world.

After Madvin Tritoch was taken care of, Silvaworm was clearly the best choice to be the leader of Lightwood forest. He was an excellent leader for the rest of his days, unfortunately he couldn’t break down the class system in his lifetime, but perhaps one day…
Being an elderly Elf back then, he died less than a century after the war.


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