A man who knows his way around arms (being weapons)


Lv.4 fighter. hp 37, Ac 18, To hit +5/6, To dmg 1d8 + 2/3


Repeating light crossbow (x2)
chain shirt
Infinite ammo bandana

Weapon Proficiency (repeating light crossbow)
Weapon focus (repeating light crossbow)
Weapon specialization (repeating light crossbow)
Point blank shot (+ 1 on attack/dmg rolls 30 ft or less)
Two weapon fighting (reduces penalty to -2/-2)
Rapid reload (reload as free action)


Not quite the leader that Joseph is, but still a good man. He served happily under Joseph. Being on the watch for Fynn, he developed a connection to that town. It saddened him to leave and more than that, it saddened him to know full well that the post no longer exists. Life always changes, and it goes too fast for Roy. He was quite the weapons master in the military that he served in.

Through various conversation, Shadow learns of Roy’s little secret, that Roy is not only a master with weapons, but overall an appraiser of them as well. Nobody knew until then.

His morale plummeted the lowest when the hard times hit. Tried to commit suicide by jumping off the ship, was saved by the party members. He made it through the final battle to see peace in the world. Was permitted an early retirement in the town of Gabronx due to his service done for the world. He still helped out with little things. Appraising weapons and armor and teaching the younger generation how to use simple ranged weapons. Died hundreds of years ago.


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