A well known nomad, rumored to be the strongest man in the world.


Lv.20+ Hp? Ac To hit? To dmg?


A man written about in books. Covered in glowing armor and adorned in many pieces of shining equipment. This man has seen battle more times than most could count. He appeared to have some features of a dragon on him, including dragon wings. Very few have ever seen him before, and he never stays in any spot for long, yet there he stood next to the lord of Elves.

A very complicated end to Rigulus’ life. He was indeed the strongest physical being on earth being the very aspect of Bahamut himself. Rigulus helped the party from a distance and fought in the final battle. Nothing on earth killed Rigulus, but when Bahamut fought in the war of deities, his aspect died too. Bahamut/Rigulus died years ago and the title of ‘Bahamut’ went to Seto, Rigulus’ son.


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