Madvin Tritoch

The sorcerer that stood at the side of Tolrendo


A very powerful looking man, adorned with glittering armor and jewels and other valuable items. Does not speak much except for one outburst that was a negative comment against the party on the subject of becoming allies. After that, he was silenced by Tolrendo.

With Tolrendo’s passing (no one knowing of natural causes or not knowing Madvin Tritoch), Madvin was the next person in line to inherit leadership over the elves. Madvin clearly showed the most knowledge and wisdom and was one of the eldest members by that point.

Madvin Tritoch took leadership and created chaos very quickly in Lightwood forest, when the party returned to face him, he noticed all the delightful elves they saw before now all drained and with vacant expressions.

The party slayed Madvin Tritoch even after the interference by Vecna altering Madvin into an unnatural creature.

Madvin Tritoch

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