Louise Bergan

Comes from high class life, did some bad stuff, wound up on an Airship


Lv.2 Rogue

Cha:11 (for personality)


Appraise(int) +9
Bluff(cha) +4
Diplomacy(cha) +4
Disguise(cha) +4
Gather information(cha) +4
Hide(dex) +8
Listen(wis) +5
Move Silently(dex) +8
Open lock(dex) +8
Search(int) +9
Sense Motive(wis) +5
Slight of hand(dex) +8
Spot(wis) +5


The Bergans are a very distant relative to the Gabranth family tree. Still claiming to some sense of nobility and power, they tried to raise their Louise to be the most proper women that could be. Naturally, as many would, she rebelled against the restrictive rule of her parents. She escaped to the dark part of town, and made her way anyway she could. A few short weeks later, the nobles found her in the back alley of a bar, wasted. They picked her up, cleaned her up. And the king cast judgement that her punishment is to be a crew member on the airship, until she learns her real place and learns to fulfills her duties as a noble.

Starting to really soften up from gaining some companions, like Joseph. She still dislikes Dacian (naturally) but is becoming overall a better person.

In the end, she was killed by the party when she turned evil, hundreds of years ago.

Louise Bergan

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