Lily Amastacia

The ancient, yet still very young looking, kind elf.


Lv.2 cleric. 14 hp



About 96 years old, the elf known as Lily ran away from her home. As she was struggling to find her way being naive to the way the world works. The pilot of the Airship found her and gave her compassion, and invited her to join his marry crew. She happily agreed and has ever since been a cheerful person, having the time of her life. She loves almost anyone she meets, and always greets them with a smile.

Appeared to live a normal life after the war. Being a young elf during that time, she might still be living.

A doppelgänger was created of her and believes it is truly Lily. That Lily having the memories of the war and travelling along with the warrior’s of light, was granted the opportunity to become lord of the elves.

The real Lily still resides with Shadow and they live happily together in secret.

Lily Amastacia

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