Dacian Gabranth

Son of Garland, the king of Gabranth. He is next in line for the throne of the kingdom.


Level: 1
HP: 9
AC: 14
Strength: 17 Dexterity: 12 Constitution: 12 Intelligence: 18 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 17
Fortitude: 3 Reflex: 3 Will: 1
Grapple: 4
Initiative: 1
Sped: 30

Concentration: 6, Craft (alchemy): 9, Hide: 5, Knoledge (nature): 9, Listen: 1, Move Silently: 6, Search: 7, Spot: 6, Survival: 6, Swim: 3, Use Rope: 4

Musket: atk. bonus: 1, dmg.: 1 d12, crit.: X3, rng. 150 ft., Piercing, Notes: Has a bayonet attachment.

Musket (bayonet): atk. bonus: 1, dmg.: 1 d6, crit.: X2, Piercing, Notes: Musket+dagger

Dagger: atk. bonus: 1, dmg.: 1 d4, crit.: 19-20 X2, piercing/slashing, Notes: can act as plug bayonet.

Studded Leather Armor, Type: light, AC bonus: 3, Max dex.: 5, Check Penalty: -1, Spell failure: 15%, Speed: 30, Weight: 20.


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He is being groomed to be the future leader of the most powerful kingdom in the world. For this purpose, the king sees fit that his son be made a crew member on the Athear Austrat, the pinnacle of naval-weapons technology. To be a great ruler, Dacian seeks to learn how to be a proper commander of both ships and sailors.
He spent his childhood as any son of royalty would: learning the ways of the high court, how to present himself as a gentleman, and the ways of honorable swordsmanship. However, he was also taught the ways of a ranger, how to sneak, evade capture, and live in nature. These had to be taught in secret as they would be considered “dishonorable”. Despite the reputational risks, the king still insisted that he learn these skills. But a key part of his training was in the use of fire-arms. These were considered essential as they represented technological advancement and overwhelming power, cornerstones of the Gabranthian empire.
When he was a young boy he would spend all day watching the airships come and go from the port within view of the palace and dreamed of one day commanding one of his own. He decided to sneak out of the palace one night to see the airships closer and proceeded to get lost in the city. He eventually made his way to the bay but found a dock further down the coast, isolated from all the others. Upon inspecting it, he saw a large group of creatures he did not recognize building a large ship by lantern light. They faces and noises of these creature were so terrifying that they haunt his dreams even still.
Eventually he became old enough to learn how to lead soldiers in combat. This was the time when he was sent to serve on the Athear Austrat. He learned the skills necessary to command, but also the hardships faced by any mariner, such as freak storms, intense heat and cold, and the threat of enemies. Through all of this, he learned the value of the sailors under his command as well as how to be as effective a worker as a commander.
Instead of passing away, he was given the destiny of deity-hood. There was no choice but to be a god.

Dacian Gabranth

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