Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 6x525 - Recovering the Austrat

Taking back the Athear Austrat

So the party puts the pieces back together, and starts waving the staff around to see if they can get any effect going. At this point nothing. They examine the staff closer and notice that there are three empty sockets on the side of the staff. In frustration, they call for Richardson. Arumbar appears from the shadows and tells them that Richardson can’t hear them anymore. Moving past the weirdness of that statement, the party starts to discuss their next move. They first ask Arumbar about the three socket thing. Arumbar shrugs and talks about how this is a really hidden item, that he didn’t know much of anything about it, so the socket thing was really new to him too. Yet he still produced for them the first gem for this item. He did some research and determined that the second gem is on an island in a pocket plane. The party considers going but decide to go after the Austrat first. They teleport to Joe’s ivory kingdom and talk to an elephant herder. The guy they talk to looks clearly dominated. They free him of domination and plan their assault on the kingdom. After gathering 40 farmers, they charge the palace, each group of 10 doing something else. As they charge up the stairs between the 3rd and 4th floor, they meet Flanagan, Joe’s hex blade cohort. At first, Kaidor and Cringalie did a fast ball special that did a massive amount of damage to the hex blade, but after that, Flanagan released curses on all of them and gave himself an aura of unluck to have a blur effect on himself. Blank messages Wedge asking for help. Wedge procures the airship, rises from the docks and blasts a hole in the palace. From that point, Wedge sees a tiger, which is a form of Kaidor that he just doesn’t know about yet. Takes control of it and tells it to attack the hex blade. Slowly but surely Flanagan was being worn down, and after enough energy was spent, Wedge casts power word disable and knocks Flanagan unconscious. Kaidor and Cringalie finish him off and literally claim his head. At that point Joe emerges and says “What in the ivory is going on?” As foolish of a statement as that was, they decided, especially in their weakened state, not to try their luck with a previous generation warrior of light. They all jump onto the ship and fly away.



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