Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 5x525 - The airship dock

Hunting for the final staff piece

The party left the monastery, grabs a wizard from the tower and heads towards Gabronx. The wizard escapes in a panic. Through bardic senses and cat senses, both parts of the party found their way to the king. Upon arriving, they asked him if he knew anything about the Staff of Divinity. The king started to sweat but said that he naturally knew something of the staff. So when they asked, he paused and told them that he’d get his counselor. When the party insisted that he tell them himself, he admitted that he knew nothing of it, but didn’t want to appear foolish. He then summoned his counselor, and his counselor also knew nothing. He then felt compelled to bring them to the airship dock, even though he knew that there was nothing there. He felt saddened about the idea, the party was confused but then realized through bardic knowledge that it probably had something to do with the king’s dead brother. They all go downstairs into the basement of the castle. There they find a dock for a single airship, empty. At the bottom of the dock, on the ground, is the staff. The party takes the staff and right then, they leave Gabronx. They go to a cave to put together the pieces.



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