Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 4x525 - Viewing the past

Seeing the deities of deities

The party fell asleep in the Monastery, and at that point, their minds become connected. They all dream together about the good deities. They find themselves in the bodies of the ones they used to be familiar with, or the players used to be familiar with, that is. They see the 4 original light warriors, with the jewel of evil’s bane facing at some incredibly overbearing creatures. These creatures are the deities of deities, the ones that are served only by deities. To the entire cosmos, mortals have never laid eyes on them, or have seen any interaction with them. The deities themselves rarely ever get to see or hear of them, but there they are. Alphus, Betrus, Zetus, Deltus, Epsilius, each having dominion over their alignment, being good, evil, neutral, law, and chaotic. They hash our what to do with the jewel, and Shadow, whom has taken Vecna’s powers. After a long debate, they decide to allow the course of events to flow naturally, and not change the course of the universe. So history progresses as it should, but the deities are warned that this jewel can lead the world into chaos.



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