Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 3x525 - Underneath the Monastery

Fighting the forest and deconstucting constructs

Arumbar teleports them to the Monastery and Kaidor revisits his brothers. They start seeking out the hidden passageway to get to the piece of the Staff. They realize quickly that they lack an Elf. So they start looking for some children, but they’re all off playing in the forest. They go to the forest, and see a clearing. After inspecting a kid’s prayer book, they turn around to see an Earth Elemental being controlled by a devil. The devil tells them that he will bring them to Asmodeous. With swiftness, they nearly finish off the Elemental, and the devil releases it, giving it it’s mind back. Upon realizing this, the party stops fighting it and convinces it to join them, it does so for their remainder of time in the forest. The children come out from the bushes and greet the party. Kaidor and the party wrangle them back to the Monastery. They find out about the secret area and start descending. As they go down the long staircase. They see some writing on the walls, and through magical means, translate it. They determine that it is written in Celestial, and it tells the stories of the two wars. It provides additional details that aren’t known by most people, like people becoming deities. It talks about all 4 that have come to power: Dacian, Seto, Leoben, Kif Jim.

When they reach the bottom of the steps, they find a bunch of random magic items, all giving a faint magical aura, determined to be conjuration. There were little messages along the way “Its not too late” and so forth. The last message was attached to the Orb itself with only the message “Be good.” The party steals the Orb anyway and the armor on the walls come to life. After a long encounter, they slay all of armor constructs. The last thing they hear at the end of the battle is the statement “…I’m so sorry.”. The party returns upstairs to heal their friends. A monk appears with a rather unique glove. It is a glove with unlimited charges of healing. The party is fully restored, and is ready to continue onward.



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