Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 2x525 - Astral planing

Warping around the planes

Richardson warps away when he sees an Archon. The Archon approaches them, knowing that they’ve signed the contract, and urged them to see the Queen of the Elves. They go to Lily, the queen. And she tries to tell them a heart warming story of why they should be good. Instead, the casters decide to dominate the rest of the party to be evil. The Archon becomes frustrated and leaves them. They depart from Lily and summon Richardson to take them to the Astral plane. When they arrive they meet the Judge. They realize that they have a better plan for getting to the celestial plane and decide to leave. Upon wanting to leave they meet a Gnome named Arumbar. He says he has a way to help them. Tells them of something called the Staff of Divinity. A piece being in the monastery and in King’s University.



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