Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 17x500 - Epiclogue

Sealing away a deity

After a little more castle exploring, the party heads towards the center of the castle, the keep. Once they arrive there, Tiamat speaks directly to them and advises them to not progress inward, or they could rest if they want. This was clearly a ploy for her to buy time, but she was right, the party was pretty worn. In a very Deus Ex Machina style, the skies open up and they see the deities fighting the real Tiamat, and Heironeous takes a moment to pass down a little bit of his power to restore the party to full. With renewed strength, they charged inside.

They found Kif Jim kneeling off in the corner, paralyzed. In the middle of the room, they find a beautiful woman standing before them. She sounded sweet, but clearly angry. They figured out right away that this was somehow Tiamat. She explained her ritual to them. Her plan was a sort of a switch and bait. This is her aspect, also the dragon in question that was pulling the wind plane (forgot to mention that last part right there…). And she was prepared to absorb the powers of the planes and gain powers beyond deities. She was going to die in Celestia, in a battle that would weaken the deities, transfer her power to her aspect, absorb the planes, and have ultimate powers. Kif Jim found her in time to stop the plane absorption. He pushed her out of the way, and took in some of the power himself, it nearly killed his mortal body, leaving him unable to move with power surging through him, destroying him from the inside.

Tiamat goes over to Kif Jim and says to the party “This is a man, who living through both wars, has caused us some troubles. Such a noble man, a powerful man, he has helped shape your world for good, helping nations come together, furthering the research of magic and knowledge and sharing it openly. And now… his life is over.” She slits his throat. This incites fury in the party, and they charge for her.

They surround the human Tiamat and pummel her with blows, she clearly was targeting Murtagg, angry at the worshiper of her immortal enemy. After the battle goes on for about 3 or 4 rounds and both her and the party become worn, she teleports to the center, and casts Power Word Kill at Murtagg. He reflects it back at her with his Dragon Shield. pieces of her flesh start falling off like ceramic plates. At that point, she starts to emit a powerful aura and with a burst of power pushes the party back against the walls. Her dragon form is revealed, not 5 heads but one, a huge creature.

They go back in swinging, unfortunately finding out that she drained some of the beneficial spells (buffs) that were cast upon them. They also quickly found out that she was a sonic dragon.
After some of the party nearly died, they were able to turn it around with some good heal and buffs. They closed in on the dragon and slayed her. At the moment where the dragon looked almost finished, another aura erupted from her, significantly more powerful than the last. It slammed them back into the walls again and the eruption of power was so devastating that it destroyed the keep. Standing before them in full glory is the full powered aspect of Tiamat, the 5 headed dragon, a colossal dragon.

Enduring many breath weapons, and nearly dying twice, the party was able to slay the dragon. Before the final blow was struck, the deities tore open the skies and yelled down to them to hold their strike until they finished off the real Tiamat. In a blaze of deidic might, they blast Tiamat into oblivion, and they yell down “Light Warriors, NOW!”. The warriors deliver their final strike on the aspect and destroy it for good.

At that point, the castle starts to fall with no power holding it up anymore. They start falling to the earth below. Some of them have powers to make them fall slowly, but Caraathin falls at full speed. A light from the skies goes into Kif Jim and suddenly he is awake, looking far more powerful than before. Kif Jim goes down and grabs Caraathin, and flies back to the party and teleports them to the ground. There they watch the ruins fall, back to the place they belong.

After that, they go back to the Wizard’s tower to speak to the world about what has happened. The evil essence of Tiamat was sealed, and the power of Tiamat was given to Kif Jim. Unfortunately, the deities are weakened, so they cannot repair the damage caused to the world yet. The party speaks to the world, reassuring them that peace finally reigns. Even the chromatic dragons became chromatic gem dragons, adopting one neutral aspect into their alignment. And then they all start to head their separate ways.

First, Caraathin killed himself by casting slay living on himself.

Second, they dropped off Murtagg at Farthen-dur so he could spend his days rebuilding and repopulating, as is his desires.

Then, they dropped off Tiberius at the base of Rockface, so that he could return to Sigil, and they left Joe with the ship.

Joe also dropped off Cress at Rockface as well, much to his protests and desires to return to King’s University. When Frengard asked why Cress couldn’t come with, Joe simply looked at him and smiled and said “That’s business.”.

Final acts:
Murtagg – Repaired his home to its former glory within a few decades and produced many children, about 17 within a 25 year span. A small number of families from the Underground Dwarven Empire joined Murtagg’s recreation of his clan. And they introduced the idea of multi-deity worship, which hasn’t occurred much in the ages.

Caraathin – Committed an unholy act by killing himself, but saving the world balanced it out enough that even Pelor is quite unhappy about his premature death, he still earns his deity’s favor though.

Tiberius – Spends the rest of his days with the Lady of Pain, trying to convince her that good is the way to go. She warms up to him a little, but doesn’t ever fully convert. She does give him the gift of Vreongard fully restored though. He is never fully successful in his lifetime, but clearly made some sort of progress. Within 25 years, he managed to convince her to do some good, like restoring his town. He wanted Farthen-dur restored, but she refused.

Joe – After ridding himself of the rest of the party, he takes the airship and Frengard and starts an ivory empire north of Mass. Even though Joe becomes quite crazy, and his empire is strange in its nature, with his raw charisma he is fairly successful. He has hundreds of acres for elephants and many elephant farmers. The economy is terrible for his ivory town he is trying to build, and conditions are terrible, but somehow he manages an amount of success. After 25 years he has about a dozen or so buildings, most people live outside.



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