Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 14x500 - Burning through dungeons

Bluffing their way through Dragon Mountain to take down the Marilith

Each party member received a small break from Kif Jim after the battle with the dragons. Tiberius visited the Lady of Pain and returned with several scars. Corrathin, exhausted from making a glass castle, stayed behind to relax in it. Murtagg returned from Farthen-dur with the signet ring of his King, the Dragon Shield, and a toy hammer he picked up as a keepsake. At this point they ask Kif Jim where the next creature, the Marilith lays. Kif Jim explains that there is a dormant volcano called Dragon Mountain. The Marilith does all her work from within there.
Right before they left Verongard, they found an interesting Gnome Druid named Braddock Dresden (or…Brad Dustin) and they could clearly see Brad’s power, so they asked him to join.

So, fast track to Dragon Mountain, they enter a cave going into it that is close to the summit. Inside they find Hobgoblins. The Hobgoblins told them to leave their land, but the party asked why the Hobgoblins were even there. They explained that Mass drove them out of their homes and they were forced to take up refuge in this mountain. They now serve Tiamat. Joe convinced the Hobgoblins that the party was just like them, and they believed him, because naturally Joe wouldn’t ever lie, right?

Progressing through the dungeon, they bypassed all the Hobgoblins by mentioning that they were friends of the Hobgoblins guarding the entrance. After a while of walking, they reach a new area, instead of tunnels, it had more of a temple set up. To one side, a coliseum, another side, something that looked like a large square house. And at the end of the hall, a door.

They went to the coliseum first, found a white dragon there. The dragon was going to attack but Joe told it that it wanted to sleep. The dragon tried to sense the motive of Joe, but found that it was so very tired and decided to fall into a coma. The party finds a man named Daxter who was caught by the Hobgoblins. When freed, Daxter decided to join up with them.

They then go to the other room, the house. Once inside, they find a purple worm. This creature however has no intelligence at all, so Joe’s lies…I mean, truths… had no effect on this creature. The creature didn’t put up too much of a fight, and just as it was about to be killed, Brad transformed it into a squirrel. The party then collected the treasure in the room.

They go to the final door, and before they open it, they investigate around it. It was a false door, ready to trigger a trap to drop them 3 floors down. They decided to take the stairs instead. Once at the bottom, they find the double doors leading into the Marilith’s room. They go in, step out onto the platform, the doors shut behind them, and the platform detaches from the wall. So there they are, standing on this platform floating in lava, with nothing but lava surrounding them in all directions, and no way out, just the Marilith in front of them. Joe tries to anger the Marilith by making wild claims, but she could see right through those lies. Joe did make her quite angry though, and she charged for him.

The party blocked her path, but with her 6 long swords, she sliced away at the Dragonborn monk, Daxter. He was taking serious injuries, but with the help of the Murtagg and Brad, they were able to keep him from falling unconscious. The party gave it their all, but the Marilith was dodging many of their attacks. But with the enhancements provided by Joe, Murtagg, and Tiberius, Daxter countered the Marilith strike for strike and was able to deliver the final blow to bring her down. They made sure she was dead, then they threw her in the lava.

Kif Jim teleported them back to their airship, then spoke through the Wizard’s tower to tell them congratulations on defeating the 3rd of 4 elemental creatures. Only the Dragon remains. He advises them to get their affairs in order and prepare for the final battle.



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