Athear Austrat (Celestial Flight)

Session 12x500 - The second war

Fighting off an army of Dragons

After returning from the plane of distortion, Kif Jim greets them with joy. However, voices quickly started flying through the tower, many all at once, Joe tried to listen in, but his mind couldn’t keep up. Kif Jim looked back at the party, with a sudden grimness to his face. He tells them “The second war has begun”. Tiamat has been saving up her power for years and has unleashed it upon the material plane. Since the influence of good vastly outweighs the influence of evil in the material plane, Tiamat cannot enter herself. However, she gave the ability to command her army to one of her greatest henchmen, the dragon. Kif Jim tells them that their home towns are under attack. Verongard, Tamriel, and Farthen-dur. Along with that, various other major cities are under attack as well, but can fend for themselves. They invite Kif Jim along, who is reluctant but willing. Kif Jim explains that if he leaves the tower, it will be destroyed. In the end, Murtagg agreed to let his village be attacked, with the full certainty that family and friends could escape just fine. Tiberius, Dauglos, and Chester went to protect Verongard. Murtagg, Corrathin, and Joe went to protect Tamriel. They teleported using the ship and arrived a few hours before the attack. After setting up the battle defences, they charged with the army in a spearhead against the dragon army. The leader of the dragon army split off, and the human army opened up a gap in their flank for the party to pursue. Then the party faces off against their leader and isn’t too troubled with beating him, but their personal resources are drained a little. The dragons flee, and Kif Jim arrives to tell the party that there is no longer any word of life from Farthen-dur, everyone is presumed dead. The army that attacked Farthen-dur is headed towards Verongard, and the guys up there need help. The heroes set off to help their fellow allies.



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